Singapore Textile Centre is located at 200 Jalan Sultan Road, Singapore. The construction was completed in 1970 and since then it is on a 99 years leasehold Apartment Property. Textile Centre is one of the main textile collecting and distributing centre in Singapore and south East Asia. It is one of the finest places to get wholesale fabrics.

Textile Centre is made up of 13 floors. Floors 1 to 7 are Shopping centres and floor 8 to 13 is for offices. It opens from 0900 Hrs to 1800 Hrs on the weekdays. A large number of businesses nurtured under Textile Centre such as Textile Industry, Tailors, Textile Accessories, Electronics, Flowers, Health and Beauty,  Security, Computers, Web, Business Administration, Travel, Property, Investments and much more. Singapore Textile Centre Merchant association has tie-ups with Singapore textile dealers, Sultan Plaza association and Singapore Textiles Trader Association.

Textile Centre offers a wide variety of services nearby such as hotels, gardens, community clubs, army market, food centre, schools and hospitals. It is near to North-bridge garden, Kampong glam park, kampong glam community club and opposite to Alsagoff Arab School and Hotel heritage. It is near to several reputable schools such as Singapore Management University, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Laselle college of fine arts.

Food is also easily accessible located at Broadway Food Centre, Tian Yang food trading Pte Ltd and other food outlets inside the textile centre.