Best Places to Shop for Fabric in Singapore


Along with sightseeing, delicious food and big brands, Singapore is also known for the variety of unstitched fabrics and accessories it offers. You can find a variety of affordable structures in many areas of Singapore like Textile Centre, Chinatown and Arab Street. These textile areas have been around for years in the country, and they offer some outstanding bargains and accessories. Irrespective of the type of fabric you are looking for, personal fabrics, quilting or interiors, you can find it all!

Textile Centre

Textile Centre is located on Jalan Sultan and is known to supply fabrics in Singapore and Southeast Asia. You can find fabrics at wholesale prices here, and it comprises of shops selling everything from fabrics to cloth markers, threads and buttons. You can get these items at throwaway prices if you buy in large quantities. Some of the best shops in Textile centre are as follows:

Eng Hin Chop

One of the most famous shops in Textile centre, Eng Hin Chop offers a wide variety of silk, cotton and other materials. You have the option to choose retail and wholesale. The unique selling proposition of this shop is that it offers the best quality of fabric at the lowest prices.

Sin Hin Chuan Kee

Sin Hin Chuan Kee is a well-known name in Textile Market that offers all kind of fabrics, supplies and accessories. You can also find a variety of laces, sew on borders and patches here.


China Town is one of the most popular areas in Singapore which sells a variety of fabrics in many fabrics shops. These shops are some of the oldest in Singapore, and they sell craft supplies as well. The best places to shop in Chinatown include People’s Park Centre and People’s Park Food centre which sells a wide variety of affordable products. Some of the best stores in this area are as follows:

Maggie Textile

Maggie textile is one of the best shops in Singapore that sells plain and printed fabrics in all possible colours. The price of these fabrics starts as low as $8 per meter, and these fabrics attract a more mature crowd.

Malin Textile

This is an extension of Maggie Textile, and it sells printed fabrics that will appeal to the youth. You can find cartoon print fabrics like Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters as well. Hand painted fabrics with cute prints are also sold here. The shop also offers pre-cut fabrics perfect for making children’s clothes.

Arab Street

The Arab street is the best place if you are looking for lace fabrics and laces. You can purchase an entire roll of lace, or you can buy per metre as well. You can also get sophisticated fabrics like French Dior which is a smooth, soft fabric that is used to make drapes and falls.

Teng Joo Textiles

Teng Joo Textiles is one of the biggest stores at Arab street that offers Asian fabrics. Apart from the fabrics, the shop also has sewing and textile supplies.


Molkan is the best shop for buying French Dior fabric, and it offers very good discounts as well. The number of colours provided by this shop is much more than the variety offered at any other shop.

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