Different Ways Self-Storage Units Can Be Used

In times of consumerism, we are constantly buying more and more things which may eventually end up cluttering our homes like never before. From home decor to extra clothing, you’ll need a place where all that stuff can be stored. Self storage units are lifesavers when it comes to providing sufficient space for you to store unused items temporarily while decluttering your homes. Most people also use self storage when they are in the process of moving or trying to downsize. For business owners, storage spaces can be a cost-effective solution as there are work spaces that are great for e-commerce and start-ups to manage their inventory.

Renting a self storage in Singapore offers multiple benefits for a variety of situations, for both homeowners and business owners. Here’s a look at how they can benefit from using self-storage.

For Homeowners

Clutter can be inevitable and unavoidable as home occupants outgrow their spaces and end up with more things than what they have room for. Storage unit offers a great solution with sufficient space for your personal possessions and caters to your storage needs. You can discard your pile of clutter at home without giving up things that are important to you. For people who are in the process of moving or undergoing house renovation, you can also look for storage units for rent in Singapore as an interim arrangement to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Seasonal items such as holiday decorations and winter clothing can also take a bulk of your storage space at home when you are not using it. Renting a temporary storage in Singapore can ease this problem by providing the perfect space to keep coats, boots, clothing and more, and access them as and when you need them. You can also store various sporting goods and equipment such as surfboards, fishing rods and bicycles in any self-storage in Singapore and retrieve your gear any time you need to enjoy the great outdoors without cluttering your home.

Work+Space offers a range of storage spaces ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft which is secured with 24 hours access card security system and CCTV surveillance. This means your stored items will be kept safe and secure with round the clock access so you can access them anytime you wish to. As one of the cheapest self storage in Singapore, we also offer flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates so there is no unpredictable utilities or facility fees.

For Business Owners

Storage units have become an excellent solution for business owners. As the cost of office space goes up, renting the cheapest self-storage in Singapore is a cost-effective decision to cut down expenses for your business with significant savings. Instead of operating from homes, where the storage of goods can take up more space and invite clutter, storage spaces have definitely become a choice that is great for e-commerce, start-ups or online businesses.

At Work+Store, we provide an innovative work and storage solution of combining storage and work spaces from 88 sqft onwards where you can store merchandises and carry out order fulfilment duties efficiently. Each workspace unit is accessible 24/7 with keycard access and comes equipped with light and air condition utilities. You can benefit from reduced logistical inefficiencies with easier stock-taking and goods management for your customers. With 7 locations around Singapore including Bartley, Redhill, Kallang, Upper Thomson Road, Tampines, Ang Mo Kio and Eunos, Work+Store work spaces provides great options to meet your needs.

Self storage units are certainly appealing to both homeowners and business owners alike in providing alternative storage solutions with convenient accessibility to keep their items safe and secured while keeping costs low.

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