Prevent Your Customised Clothing From Wear and Tear

Printed t-shirts are vulnerable to fades from exposure to too much sunlight. No one likes their best attire looking rugged or discoloured. Therefore, proper care should be accorded to your customized apparel to give it a longer life and offer you value for your money. Under proper care, you can have your tee or hoodie for years.

Your choice of color is also an essential factor if you want to avoid the shirts fading. Mostly, bright colors are slow to fade compared to dull ones. Therefore, it is advisable to choose brightly colored attires for customization. The hoodies printing Singapore will give you some advice on how to keep the stunning appearance of your hoodie intact. If you have already purchased one, but are clueless on how you can give it a longer lifespan, stick around. Your problem is solved. The following tips will help keep your customized attires from fading and enjoy value for money.

  • Hang it inside out

If you want to protect your tee from direct exposure to the scorching rays, then turn it inside out after washing it. This precaution will reduce the effects of UV rays on your hoodie. Ensure that you do not let the hanging line cross the print. A crease will form, weakening the paint or the embroidery strings.

  • Use cold water

Hot water bleaches your cloth. It is advisable to use cold water because it does not affect the shades of your attire. The water is gentle on fabric and prevents peeling off of paint printed t-shirts.

  • Mild detergents

Some detergents are strong bleaching agents and will dissolve the color of your tee or hoodie. You should check the prescription on the soap before making any purchase. Chlorine bleaches are known to cause dissolution of color. Remember to also wash it in moderation to avoid your new piece of customized shirt suffer from wear and tear.

  • Sort out your clothes

You should wash clothes with similar colors together. Some outfits have a faint color that washes off quickly. Therefore, if washed with your customized apparel, the attire will lose its original color. You should also separate the clothes based on texture because some fabrics are prone to discoloration compared to others.

  • Hang for a short time

If you let your tee or hoodie stay in the sun for days, they will not last a month. You should hang your clothes under a shade or unhang immediately when they are dry. Continuous exposure to the sun will cause fading and cracking of the prints.

  • Avoid fabric softeners

Just like other bleaches, fabric softeners are no exception. They contain chemicals that decolorize your attires. Stick to the ordinary soap and detergent when you are washing your customized attires.

  • Regulating iron box temperature

When you want to iron your cloth, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s guideline. Most attires have a label that helps you identify the right temperature for your paraphernalia. The iron box has a sticker that indicates the right knob turn for each fabric.

  • Keep off hot dryers

Heat is the worst enemy of any colored material. It acts as a fading agent by weakening the ability of the color to stick on the cloth. If it is necessary for you to use the dryers, it is recommended that you remove the clothes before they are thoroughly dry. It is also good to avoid using tumble drying your clothes, it may shrink and affect the material of the shirt.

  • Give your attire a break

The more frequent you wear your customized hoodie or t-shirt, the faster it will fade. Therefore, you should minimize the number of times you wear it. This will give it a longer life because the number of washes is reduced.

Every buyer wants their customized apparel to serve them for a long period. This is understandable because you incur some extra costs for the t-shirt printing services. With these tips, you are assured that your customized apparel will serve you for several months if not years. It is crucial to note that heat is the primary enemy of the prints on your hoodie or t-shirt.

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