Chronic Back Pain: Why Memory Foam Mattresses May Help

Every Singaporean will have to deal with at least with one episode of back pain at some point in their lifetime. For 80 per cent of Singaporeans, especially women, this will be a recurring condition. Those are statistics released by Singapore’s ministry of health after conducting a survey on the population.

Chronic back pain is associated with a wide variety of sources including sprains, overstraining, and spinal degeneration. However, it is the common lifestyle causes that are responsible for such a prevalence. Too much sitting, being overweight, lack of exercise and bad posture are some of the most common causes.

But you are not helpless about the back pain. You can alleviate it by using a memory foam mattress.

How Foam Mattresses Help

Previously favoured spring mattresses are flat and stiff like a plank. A hard mattress is not good because it causes you to lay unevenly, whether you are on your side or your back. The rigid surface will force the back-sleepers’ spine to arch because of the protruding buttocks and upper shoulder. Arching causes the inner knee to remain unsupported.

This prevents the lumbar area (lower back) from decompressing resulting in a host of strains and pains. However, a memory foam mattress — with the firmness customised to your weight — allows the parts of the back that protrude to sink in while still supporting the places that require it.

Right Positioning to Avoid Muscle Strain

Spring mattresses, due to the overly stiff surfaces, cause strain and tension. It can also discombobulate the spine from its natural alignment. Now, that doesn’t sound too welcoming for your back, does it?

A memory foam mattress, on the other hand, provides better sleep surface because it doesn’t force the spine to fit into unnatural positions. Your spine won’t be frustrated by a forced, unnatural alignment and while at it, the memory foam mattress will support your hips, shoulders and back.

You Can Choose the Constructing Materials for Better Sleep

If you have a queen-size mattress in singapore but spend much of the night awake due to allergies or excessive heat, you are likely to suffer from back pain. You can customise the material construct of your memory foam mattress to adjust for cooling and keep allergens at bay. This way you get to sleep better. Remember, when you spend a few more minutes in bed with a memory foam mattress it is good for your back’s health.

Reduces Muscle Tension and Joints’ Twisting

Because memory foam mattresses are built to align with your body contours, it conforms to your spine’s natural curves, and it keeps your vertebrae properly aligned reducing muscle tension and uncomfortable twisting of joints. This reduces the strain on both the spine and your muscles making you less susceptible to back pain.

In conclusion, unlike traditional spring mattresses that had hard surfaces and uncomfortable fits to your body alignment, memory foam mattresses provide all that is healthy for your back and spine.

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