5 Deciding Factors To Help You Choose Your Next Home

How do you know that you’ve found the right neighborhood for your family home? Is it the amenities? Is it the size and adaptability of the homes? Is it its proximity to your workplace or the public utilities nearby? Or are you looking for a place where the kids have enough playgrounds; where they can run and play as freely as you did in your formative years?

It changes for everyone, but everyone holds different considerations close to their heart.

Be it Parc Esta, or Fourth Avenue Residences, we each have our own ways to find our own ideal house and neighborhood.

Read on and find out how you can find your own ideal family home.

1.    The Right Architecture

Some housing arrangements are strata landed projects, consisting of semi-detached and strata homes. These may be made up of corner terraces and intermediate terraces.

Other housing arrangements might be condominiums, where many flats are grouped together around a central focal point.

What does this mean for you?

First, you must decide on the type of housing you want: a condo, or a collection of terrace houses. This is a good way to start your search.

2.    Size and Adaptability

The design of all houses are exquisite but at the same time practical. Essentially, they’ll combine form and function.

However, the size of your intended family and even your own preferences will determine what size and how adaptable your future house has to be.

If you have plans for a bigger family, you’ll definitely need more space.

If you plan to take care of your parents in future, your house also has to be bigger.

Getting a house with some additional room will give you more breathing space and adaptability. Having more rooms will mean you can easily adjust the family rooms to make an extra bedroom and there’s enough storage space to take in an extra guest, or all the stuff you’ve accumulated over the years.

3.    Proximity to Work

The location of your home is critical for any working Singaporean who has to commute to work every day. A location near a MRT station, a highway and bus routes is a prime location for a typical corporate worker in Singapore. So, whether you prefer to take public transport or drive to work, there’s a multitude of choice.

This should be an important factor when choosing a housing area to stay in.

4.    Surrounding Amenities

The surrounding amenities must be right for you and your family. Parks, gyms, shopping areas and even things like places to eat should be major considerations when deciding on a place to stay.

5.    Lastly, It Feels Like Home

When buying a new house, a critical factor is that it must look and feel like home.

How do you know it feels like home?

You’ll find yourself picturing your furniture in the house, how the kids’ rooms would look, what kind of décor will go perfectly with the morning sunshine.

Such a deep connection for the property will signal that it suits you and your family.

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