What Guidelines To Follow For Professional Corporate Gifting

You have probably been a recipient before of gift items from a company signaling their appreciation for your continued business. Some business gifts are highly appreciated by recipients, while others are stashed in the bottom drawer and forgotten, or even worse, are thrown out in the nearest trash bin.

Giving out business gifts to clients, vendors and fellow businesses’ requires careful consideration on your part. You want to spare some time to think about how your gift item will be perceived by the intended recipients. Remember, a corporate gift represents the image of your company. It can either boost or dent your company’s image.

With the increased availability of various gift items online and in retail stores, getting the best corporate gift has been made a lot easier. However, the huge variety of gift items might prove to be overwhelming or dizzying for some people. Before you head out to buy premium corporate gifts in Singapore for your clients, it is important that you understand the following guidelines for corporate gifting.

Check Corporate Guidelines

The majority of corporate companies and government offices have a gift policy pertaining to the accepted value of a gift or banning certain gifts altogether. Confirm with your recipients to know the limitations of corporate gifting in their respective industries.

The purpose of a business gift is to show appreciation for the personal affiliation you have with the client, not for the amount of business transactions you do with them. Sending a gift item that’s too valuable may mean that you’re attempting to buy the client’s business. Many corporate policies are against giving or receiving pricey gift items.

Furthermore, some industries don’t accept gifts at all. So do your homework. You don’t want a scenario where your business gift is returned or refused.

Determine Wants

One of the major challenges when it comes to business gift buying is getting the perfect item for your business client. Remember, what seems acceptable to someone could be offensive to another. Chances are you don’t know all your customers on a personal level. The safe bet is to contact your clients and find out about their likes and hobbies to give you a clue on what to purchase. The best business gifts are those that are useful to customers in their everyday business activities. Buy something that solves a problem or makes life easier. For example, a portable cell phone charger is an excellent contemporary pick. Sticky notes wholesale might not be the most glamorous pick, but it has undoubted practicality and utility.

Cultural Differences

With most businesses transcending domestic boundaries, the business world is a global village. This means that your business clients might be from different cities, countries or even continents. As you are probably aware, there are cultural differences between people from one region to another. In this case, each country will have its own rules concerning giving and receiving business gifts. For example, according to the Chinese culture, gifts of whatever nature should never be packaged in white since it represents death. Therefore, you must know how the culture of your intended recipients regards business gifts.

Quality Gifts

The type of corporate gift you give away to your clients symbolises the image of your organisation. Therefore, lower quality gifts are more likely to give a bad impression. Choose quality items instead. A well-made personalized plaque in Singapore will always be appreciated for its quality.

Rethink All-Out Promotion

It is common for businesses to brand gift items with their company logos, symbols or theme colours. However, you don’t want the gift item to appear like an open advertisement. Therefore, make sure the logo is inconspicuous and doesn’t downplay the elegance of the gift.

Elegant Packaging

How you package the item itself is as important as picking the right business gift. Spend on packaging to showcase your dedication towards client relationships. Remember, a nicely wrapped gift increases the likelihood of the gift itself being appreciated and cherished by the recipient.

Deliver Personally

The main reason behind corporate gifting is to create lasting relationships. Consider delivering the customised corporate gifts Singapore to the intended recipient in person. This unique act coupled with the delivered gift will be more meaningful and will forever be etched in the mind of the recipient.

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