Get Inspired With These 5 Living Room Décor Ideas

If your Living room furnishing is looking boring, we have some very easy ways to add more attraction to it. While adding a few things, you can give your living room a completely new look. Therefore, if you want to brighten up your living room, the following five ideas will make it easier without spending too much cash.

  1. Paint

Try to go for lighter shades as it helps in better light reflection and makes your room look brighter. Also, consider the size of your living room. If it’s small, use single lighter shade color in the walls. Moreover, if it’s moderate, you can opt for bi-colors. In addition, if it is huge, you can keep two lighter shades with one dark shade.

  1. Furniture

Go for the smart furniture with effective space management. Also, do not clutter the seating area too much. The size of the sofa sets and center table should complement the living room size. For larger living rooms, you can use trendy rugs under the table to make things vibrant. Make sure the living room gets ambient light.

  1. Cushions/Curtains

Pick cushions that suits your 3 seater sofa set colour and the ambience of the living room. The same goes for the curtains as well. The shade of your curtains should complement the wall shade. For-ex- If you have dark walls, go for light colored curtains. In addition, for lighter shade walls, try choosing a colorful sober designs in white base.

  1. Lights

Sunlight can brighten up the daytime but from evening to night; lights play the pivotal role. Go for white LED light as it helps to add maximum brightness. Also, include dim lights to have a relaxed ambience at the nighttime. Similarly, if you have a luxurious living area, you can opt for floor LED lights for instant glam up.

  1. Accessorize

You can make your living room look artistic by accessorizing. You can keep small hanging potted plants; paintings; murals; flower vases, etc. For the smaller living rooms, one painting and flower vase is enough. In moderate and larger ones, you can diversify the options in preferred areas. However, do not over accessorize. Start your furniture shopping today!

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