3 Considerations To Make When Purchasing Catering Supplies

Whether you’re opening up a new eating joint, a catering business replacing old equipment, one of the first few main concerns will be securing dependable catering equipment suppliers in Singapore at the best prices. Especially so in the food business, quality is critical. However, it is also important to first draw up a budget before purchasing your equipment.

From securing second-hand items to purchasing domestic grade equipment, we find out considerations to take note of when budgeting for your catering supplies.

Pre-owned catering supplies 

Purchasing second-hand catering supplies is tempting; especially after thoroughly examining the equipment and finding little to no flaws. We’re not saying that all pre-owned catering supplies are unusable, but due to their lack of warranties, these supplies may not be the best fit for commercial kitchens. In addition, there also exists a higher chance for the equipment to abruptly cease functioning – something all restaurateurs will wish to avoid, especially so on busy nights. The costs of brand new equipment may be higher, but their reliability will be worth the price.

Installation costs

When shopping for catering supplies in Singapore, one may notice a visible contrast in the price tags of the same equipment. There may be various reasons behind this, but the main reason is usually the exclusion of installation costs. Although they may save you quite a fair bit, it is advisable to not scrimp on the installation costs. Not only will professional installations ensure safety in the kitchen, most insurers are likely to decline compensating for damages should the equipment not be installed by the intended supplier.

Domestic grade equipment

Similar to pre-owned supplies, domestic grade catering supplies are tempting. Not only are they significantly less costly, you’ve employed them for domestic use and found them to be excellent kitchen companions.

However, as they aren’t designed for commercial use, domestic grade equipment will be unable to cope with high usage. In addition, do note that all warranties for the domestic equipment will be voided should one use it in a commercial environment.

As such, regardless of the functionality and durability of a domestic grade supplies, we highly recommend restaurateurs to opt for commercial supplies.

Catering supplies in Singapore are a significant investment. So do consider these tips as you budget and interact with catering equipment suppliers before making the purchase!

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