4 Things To Check Before Purchasing Your Condo

A home inspection is a simply a diligent and prudent outlay of funds before you get into real financial trouble with a broken and un-sellable condo. Having an inspector to go over the property will give you with a thorough, unbiased and detailed description of the unit, its systems and a professional inspection of your property to identify any existing issues.

The walls, ceiling, floor, and plumbing are your responsibility, and you must ensure that they are functioning as intended. It is imperative to have your condo inspected before closing for every single reason that you would have a house checked.

What you overlook before you buy may cost you thousands of dollars down the road. It is a considerable investment, and you want to know what you are getting. An inspection gives you negotiating power with the seller, and your inspection will identify any items or areas that need repair and it will locate any safety issues.

Technical Audit

It is important to have an inspection performed on it to outline any problems that may arise in future and the costs involved to repair them. Inquire and see if a technical audit has been done on the building, then use it to help you determine the condition of the property and building.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Of the heating and electrical system of a condo, the water heater is of particular concern given its central function in the home.

Check if you have your own air conditioning unit or if it’s part of a central system that runs through the entire building. Have both inspected to determine the condition of the unit[s]. Check if the filters have been changed and the ducts cleaned.

Doors and Windows

That the doors and windows should open and close properly seem obvious, but often, a buyer will not be as thorough as her or she ought to be. A door that sticks out or a window that doesn’t open will be found weeks after ownership has been transferred. So, ensure that the doors and windows function properly.

Ceilings and Floors

A good clean or a new paint job can often hide serious problems that will cost the owner money down the road. Do a thorough check for any stains on the ceiling, which may indicate leaky plumbing. The floor should not have any visible faults or issues.


Determine the physical condition of a home before you close the deal. It may come in handy and save you thousands of dollars on faults which you may be able to have the builder or seller correct. If you are planning on investing in a stable and high end property, then the Treasure at Tampines condo and the Parc Esta condo are worth your time. They will give you an idea of what excellent and pristine properties are all about.

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