5 Tips to Making an Elegant Bedroom

Everyone wants to make their bedroom looks more expensive and glossy without spending too much. However, the main thing is the budget and due to this factor, they have to compromise with their dream look. Hence, here are a few reasonable ideas for making your bedroom look elegant and classy.

  1. Color of the room

Eye-Soothing wall color is the first requirement to make your bedroom look elegant. Some of the best pastel shades to go for are- Lavender, Pale Blue, Soft Green, and Soft Grey. Similarly, you can play with monochromatic color schemes or analogous palette of the mentioned colors. Beige & white and gold & beige combinations are very much in these days. Therefore, you can try that as well.

  1. Bedding

After all, it’s a bedroom; so the bed has to be its main focus. Go for the double sized English beds and use Egyptian cotton linens or the satin ones. It helps you feel relaxed and encourages better sleep. In addition, you can arrange your Pillows from smaller to bigger size. Also, make sure your linen set complements the bedroom color.

  1. Furniture

Replace outdated furniture with elegant ones. For smaller bedrooms, go for wall cabinets, wardrobes with dressers and a small bed table with decorative night lamp. Large bedrooms can go for luxe TV console, full bloom dressers, large wardrobes, and multiple pieces of furniture. Make sure your bed foot part is closer to the door.

  1. Windows and Drapes

If you have outdated lock windows, replace it with sliding glass windows. It will revamp your bedroom look instantly. If you are more into the organic look, you can use plantation shutter or wood blinds. For the drapes, you can go for silk taffeta, sheer fabrics, or classic Dupioni.

  1. Special Touches

Extras sometimes help in adding a special charm. It can be trendy cushions with the stack of pillows; a bench at the bed foot; creative flower vases; hanging lanterns; brass mirrors; photo frames; anything. It helps in giving your bedroom that luxurious alluring look.

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