5 Tips to Making an Elegant Bedroom

While you are setting up to decoration and give, a high-end look to your bedroom one thing is always keep coming in your mind, that is budget and good quality. If you are one of them, you have landed at the very right place. Here we are going to describe the ways those are in your budget and give the bedroom an elegant look with these furniture tips.

  1. Crown Molding

Crown Moldings play a key role in giving your bedroom a high-end finishing. It is generally placed at the wall intersections or at the doors and window edges. It’s kind of a decorative trimming. You can go for high baseboard, ceiling medallions, ceiling beams, chair rails and so on. There are different patterns to choose from as per your budget.

  1. Select a Theme

Every room décor has its own theme. It can be royalty, romance, urban, beach, nautical, etc as per your preference. Choose the color as per the theme. For-ex- if you are into royalty, choose beige and gold combination. You can use white lacey curtains for the beds complemented by European golden luxury window curtains. You can also include your favourite rugs to match your theme.

  1. Bedding and Pillows

Beds in your bedroom should be selected as per the theme. For-ex- For royalty theme-four poster beds are perfect; For urban theme- classy English beds are ideal; for the luxury theme,- California king beds are a great choice and so on. Accessorize your bed with decorative pillow and cushion layering.

  1. Lighting

Decorative chandeliers or handcrafted lamps take your bedroom aura to the next level. You can use styled chandeliers for the ceiling; while for the night lamps, you can use bedside lamps available in vivid designs. Flea markets are best to get trendy lampshades and chandeliers at affordable prices. Hence, if you don’t like chandeliers, you can use false ceiling LED lights.

  1. Furniture

Unless you have a separate walk-in closet, wardrobe, and dresser are a must inclusion in bedrooms. Go for the uber-smart wardrobes and wall dressers so that your bedroom looks spacious and classy. Also, go for trendy bedside tables with pull-in drawers to keep the daily essentials. In addition, you can opt for wall bookracks if you are a bedtime reader. Start your furniture shopping today!

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