A List Of Basic Equipment Every Catering Business Needs

Not only do successful catering businesses in Singapore have sophisticated equipment, they are mostly looked after by skilled and competent staff behind the handling of food and beverage supplies. However, the good news is, one does not necessarily require state-of-the-art equipment in order to run a catering business.

From freezers to mixers, listed below is a list of essential equipment for all catering businesses require.

Freezers and refrigerators

A must-have for all commercial kitchens, freezers and refrigerators will help to keep your supplies fresh. This is especially important for fruits, vegetable and other cold foods.

Commercial grade freezers and coolers are engineered to cope with the demands of a business environment. Therefore, it is not recommended for one to opt for domestic grade appliances. For better handling of your food and beverage supplies, do consider the available space, scale of operation and budget before making your purchase.

Food preparation counters 

What would a commercial kitchen be without a designated area for food preparation?

Food prep tables and counters play an important role in any kitchen. They help to organise the preparation of food while maintaining the order and hygiene during operations. If you are just starting out, a stainless steel surface will make an excellent choice. It is resistant to corrosion and can withstand abrasion and harsh cleaning.


A handy tool for any kitchen, the slicer will add to the efficiency of all food preparations. However, do consider the scale of operation before choosing a slicer. For lower volumes, it is recommended for one to opt for a manual slicer. For large quantities of food supplies, do consider the electric slicer, to save on both time and effort.


Essential for all baking operations, a planetary mixer is the ideal choice for smaller businesses. With its versatility, this mixer will allow you to process a variety of food items including whipped cream and mashed potatoes. They also come in various shapes and sizes to suit your operations.


Ovens are naturally part of the list for the must-have restaurant cooking equipment. As baked foods have become a popular food option (think baked cheese tarts and kaya toast), a convection oven will make an excellent choice. It bakes by blowing hot air around the food and is perfect for making cheese tarts as well as roasting meats.

Before deciding on the nature of your equipment, it is recommended to consult with the chef on the menu, to find out equipment that you need.

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