Ways To Make Your Child Stand Out In An International School

If you thought that standing out in a local school was tough, think again, as it is much harder for one to stand out among the students in an international school. Simply because there is a lot of competition in terms of academics as international schools consists of top-notch students from different countries which will give your child a real challenge if he or she is running for honors.

But don’t worry, we have some tips to help your child to rise to the top while studying in an international school:

Get a certified tutor for your child

To one’s knowledge, we know that tuition can be a great assistance for your child, as getting a certified tutor will allow your child to address any questions in certain topics and even help to enhance their knowledge in the subject. It is recommended that you schedule for a tutorial every weekend for about 1 to 2 hours for the 2 days, as it is much better than doing it after class when your child is exhausted after a long day in school. If you do so, you will only be depriving him or her of the knowledge gained as they will be too tired to fully grasp the lessons in the tutorial.

Advice your child to join different clubs

Make sure to get your child to join various clubs like Math Club and English Club as these extracurricular activities will be a good supplement to add up some knowledge and lessen the pressure of academics. Rather than seeking knowledge from lessons or tuitions all the time, it will be good to have a change as it will even allow your child to widen their horizons as well.

Support your child’s project or activities

In school, there will be a lot of projects that will be given and some extracurricular activities to attend. When you hear of such projects or activities, it’s your cue to support your child as the motivation that you give him or her will make your child study even harder and bring out their full potential in school. For example, when there is a stage play on one of the subjects, usually Literature, with your child starring in it, then you should make sure that you are present for the play to give your child the moral support that he or she needs.

To sum it up, there are higher chances for your child to become successful when you give your continuous support to him or her on those type of activities. It will help to boost the morale of your child, while also allowing him or her to enjoy the activity more. With your support, your child will produce a lot more enthusiasm for school activities, which enforces a healthier learning attitude for school.

These simple steps can bring a lot of difference when implemented properly especially if your child is in one of the top international schools in Singapore. So, make sure that you take note of these tips if you’re planning to enroll your child in an international school.

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