The Complete Guide For Commercial Kitchens

Despite the similarities it shares with its domestic counterpart, the commercial kitchen requires relatively more durable equipment. Whether it is kitchen or front house equipment, we have here a list of supplies that every restaurateur requires.

Kitchen equipment 

As the name suggests, these equipment are crucial to any restaurant’s kitchen. These include stoves, blenders, fryers, steamers, mixers, slicers, dishwashers and more. Restaurant equipment suppliers in Singapore also offer a variety of pots, pans, measuring cups, spoons and other various utensils for food preparation.

Other kitchen equipment includes:

Refrigerators and freezers

Refrigerators and freezers are indispensable. Depending on the type of restaurant and its requirements, you may wish to consult various restaurant equipment suppliers in Singapore, to purchase the ideal type of freezer or fridge for your kitchen. There are usually two types of freezers – reach-in and walk-in units. Smaller restaurants usually install the reach-in units while the larger-scaled ones will utilise the walk-in units.

Counters and cutting surfaces

Due to their durability, stainless steel countertops have always been preferred to.

When it comes to choosing cutting surfaces, opt for plastic or wood. These are easy to wash and sanitise, and will not adversely affect the sharpness of the knives or choppers. However, as plastic surfaces tend to incur grooves from the impact of choppers and knives, frequent sanitation will be required.

Other kitchen equipment you need includes slicers, mixers, ovens and ranges, sinks, as well as, safety equipment to prevent fire outbreak and other mishaps.

Front house equipment 

Essential front house equipment that is readily available from restaurant equipment suppliers in Singapore include tables, chairs, menu boards, pepper and salt shakers, glassware, silverware, paper goods, tablecloths and napkins.

Additionally, you will require certain operational equipment such as cash registers, credit and debit card processing machines. A credible Point of Sale (POS) system will not only assist you in general billing but also help you manage stock and inventory, customer relationship management as well as effective analytics and reporting.

These are the types of kitchen tools every restaurant should be equipped with. Depending on the type of the restaurant, you may wish to consider customised equipment to cater to the business’ needs.

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