Treatment & Costs For Acne Removal

People may go to extreme lengths to treat their skin, but at some point, acne treatment in Singapore can become rather unaffordable.

Unfortunately, as a teenager has to go through several hardships during their puberty phase, you are probably one of the many that have been plagued by acne marks and scars. It is common for teenagers to go through the phase where the excessive production of a hormone known as androgen (a hormone that boosts the effects and actions of testosterone in the human body) causes a breakout of pimples which may leave a scar, depending on your skin type as well as for any hereditary reason. In women, hormonal changes can also lead to a breakout of acne.

There are two ways to approach the acne situation, and either way can save you money depending on how far you are willing to go.

Monitor your diet

Many doctors, as well as dermatologists, are of the opinion that an excessive intake of dairy products is the root cause of acne breakout. Furthermore, since this depends entirely on your skin type and what your body cannot digest properly, you will have to monitor every dairy product you consume to figure out the reason behind a red blemish popping up every now and then.

In a sense, monitoring your dairy intake is a cheap, home acne treatment in Singapore to stay soft and glowing. All you need to do is cut off the products that trigger your breakout. However, more severe types like cystic acne may not be a result of dairy intake, and therefore the desire for acne scar removal will push you towards the second option.

Treat your acne effectively

You may credit this as the only practical option since dairy intake may not always be the reason behind acne, and you are right, but doesn’t everyone look for the easy way out first?

Monitoring your diet, using a facial wash, and cleansers are indeed a reliable starting point to get rid of acne, not to mention cheap, but when you have tried it all, your final hope is to consult a dermatologist. Since acne scar removal is possible, your visit to the dermatologist will be worth what you spend. Here is a breakdown of the costs in a public sector hospital/clinic:

  • A dermatologist visit will set you back $35 to $60 (This is the subsidized rate for permanent residents and citizens)
  • You can expect to spend a $110 bill for medication on average.
  • Acne scar removal treatment (the core treatment) depends on the consultation and the condition of your skin.

When you are shopping for acne treatments in Singapore, you can opt for private clinics but you should know that quality and luxury does not come cheap. You will find many specialized acne treatment clinics around Singapore that will charge, more or less, the same for consultation first time around, but once you are recommended a treatment, you can expect the following:

  • Medication: Starting at $20
  • Basic Acne Treatment: Starting at $80
  • Facials: $180 to $400 per session
  • Subcision: $300 onwards
  • Dermal Fillers: $700 onwards
  • Radiofrequency Micro-Needling: $2000 onwards
  • Laser Treatments: $300 to $1500
  • Chemical Peel: $100 to $400, or more

Many clinics may have their own products and patented treatments that can cost you in the above range or more. Although you can opt for over-the-counter acne treatments/creams, that will keep you in the $100 budget for 2 weeks to a month so it is better to consult a dermatologist to avoid any side-effects.

Acne-free skin does not come cheap, but you have a wide variety of options to choose from, including OTC acne treatments in Singapore, therefore you will not feel helpless. Choose an option and start your treatment today!

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