Interesting Bedside Table Ideas to Have In Your Bedroom

The furniture in your bedroom would not be complete without a bedside table. Aside from the fact that we all need room to put the lamp, the alarm clock and our smartphone, the decorative touch that the bedside table brings to the bedroom are undeniable. The models, sizes and materials of the bedside tables can vary a lot; but today, we share with you modern and elegant bedside tables ideas to complete your bedroom.

  • Swinging bedside table:

The suspended or hanging bedside table is an interesting and original model, which will bring an airy side to your interior. There you can store your books, or a small lamp too. Nevertheless, it is a practical piece of furniture, which is an original design. It can be fixed to the wall, or even to the ceiling. From the point of view of materials, one can find a bedside table suspended in wood, steel.

  • Shelf-like bedside table :

Nowadays, the selection of bedside tables is huge. Depending on room size and personal needs, there are different bedside table designs. For example, you can choose a shelf-like bedside design for your small bedroom. This model can be placed on either side of the headboard. This saves extra cabinets in a small room. In addition, the bedroom looks so tidier and more generous.

  • Author’s chair:

Use an exquisite chair designed or made from natural wood. It will be convenient and practical and will allow you to place not only a bedside lamp, accessories but also various gadgets.

  • Wooden staircase:

Repainted and leaning against the wall, the classical wooden ladder uses the bottom-up space and at the same time does not occupy much space on the floor. A great way to get some versatile mini-shelves and highlight the style of your cozy bedroom.

  • Wall niche as a bedside table:

Niches are especially useful in mini-rooms, as you can store small items in them well and nicely.

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