5 Places To Shop On A Budget In Singapore

If you enjoy shopping, Singapore is one of the places where you need to visit while you still can. A vibrant shopping hub, well-known for the vast number of shopping centres in the country which offers an excellent shopping experience for every shopper. Not only is it the perfect destination for everyone who loves to buy world-class luxury brands, but it also makes the ideal location for price-sensitive shoppers who love buying trendy items at a budget price.

If you think that buying an item at a cheaper price will give you a lower quality fashion piece, then you’re absolutely wrong because, in Singapore, budget-shopping means that you can still get a splendid clothing which will still allow you to make a fashion statement. Though it may mean owning a clothing that is from a lesser-known brand, it still offers about the same quality as the luxury brands.

Now that you are aware of the shopping in Singapore, the next thing you need to find out is where exactly can you get these apparels and products at an affordable price. And to help you with your search, we have come up with a few places where you can do your shopping at.

  1. Mustafa Centre

Once you arrive at Mustafa Centre, you’ll find that the prices are pretty close with each other as all the owners have to compete with one another by putting up similar prices. In this case, you’ll find that the other comparable factor would be the quality. And for this reason, you will also find that you’ll be able to find any product in mind in large quantities. From jewellery, apparels, electronics, cosmetics, perfumes, household items, souvenirs and just anything you are looking for.

Moreover, it is the only place that offers 24-hour shopping in Singapore, which means that there is never any closing hours, so you can look forward to all your souvenirs and goodies even in the wee hours.

  1. Bugis Street

The next pit-stop that you must definitely make in Singapore is Bugis Street. This magnificent shopping destination is three-storey high building which hosts more than 600 outlets and offers different styles of fashion at affordable places. Not to mention, the various shops are always bringing in new items every now and then to keep up with the trend, which means that you can be prepared for trending items at wallet-friendly prices.

  1. Lucky Plaza

Orchard Road may be home to the most prominent shopping brands but on this luxurious street in Singapore, there also sits Lucky Plaza, one of the most affordable places to shop at for both the locals and foreigners.

It is the perfect place for budget shoppers to find all sorts of items that come at a cheap price. Some of these items include casual clothes, sunglasses, simple accessories, watches and second-hand books. Foreigners who are planning to drop by can snap up a few pieces to take back home and indulge in, whether it is a souvenir, snack or apparel, you will be able to find everything at Lucky Plaza.

  1. IMM Outlet Mall

This is the biggest outlet mall in Singapore, and all the stores in IMM Outlet Mall offer the best deals on popular brands. If you’re someone who loves owning branded pieces but is afraid to burn a hole in your pocket, then this is the place that you should definitely visit next.

You will surely be able to find a good deal in one of the over 90 outlet stores, 50 food and beverages stores and 220 retail stores. What’s more, most of these stores offer massive discounts throughout the year.

  1. Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Though you will find fantastic discounts at many stores in the shopping centres of Singapore, the one problem that you will always have is the never-ending crowd.And when that happens, it will fill any shopper up with dread. But don’t worry, in every country, there will surely be a place where you can both shop peacefully and find affordable items.

And in Singapore, your answer is Anchorpoint Shopping Centre. Most would even call it a hidden gem as only the savviest shoppers would know about this paradise. Besides, these stores even sell off-season items at discounted prices between 30 to 70 percent. Coupled with the fact that you will not have to wait on long queues, it is a pleasurable place to shop at.

Now that you know of these great places to shop at in Singapore, the next thing you can do is take action and buy all sorts of low-cost items that you have never seen before!

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