How To Spice It Up With These 5 Brand New Games

There is nothing as refreshing as an exciting game. Not only is it able to make you feel energized, but it also makes it possible for you to enjoy your life and let loose a little. There are many types of games, and we all are bound to have our own preferences for the kind of game we want. Some of these games can get pretty physical, while some will require you to challenge your brain.

However, the main problem is when you have to play the same game over and over again. The joy diminishes, and the suspense you need to fuel your curiosity slowly starts to fade away. Soon, you will get bored and end up selecting another game.

There’s nothing wrong with playing your same-old childhood games. But it’s always good to take a break from such games and indulge in new types of games to get a whole new experience.

Below are five games you can try the next time you’re feeling bored or restless.

1. Escape Room

If you’re looking for a game that is full of thrill, excitement and mystery, then this will be the perfect pick for you.

In an escape room game, you will have to work both your brain and body. Not to mention, it’s an excellent way to communicate and bond with the other members of your team as you will have to work together as a group to crack the secret of the game if you want to escape.

This game first started in 2007. And soon, it became the talk of the town and everyone all over the globe knew about it. It is an adventure inside a room where you must find an escape route after cracking several clues, hints and codes. Escape room is a particularly popular activity that is done by many, from families, friends to colleagues, so join in the fun and pick a theme that you and your team will enjoy!

2. Just Cause 4

If you love PC games, then you would have probably played Just Cause 3. You must have loved its dedication in searching, finding and elimination of evil, because that is what makes the game shine after all.

Well if you enjoyed playing Just Cause 3, then you will love Just Case 4 even more because it is far more interesting than its predecessor. This time the venue is Solis in South America. The parachuting is notch high, and the gliding action is unbelievable. Unlike Cause 3, Just Cause 4 brings in parameters like tropical storms, tornadoes and helicopters. Your suspense will always be on the edge from the time you start to the time you win or fail.

3. Hit Man 2

The Hit Man 2 is out at last. This Warner Bros. game is adored by many people of diverse ages and background. However, this new type does not have episodes, but instead, it features six levels. The tools of this game are also upgraded, and you can select what you need according to your level and taste.

4. Football Manager 2019

Everyone would love to be in the role of a world-class soccer player if possible, and most of us do it by playing FIFA. But what if you could play a game that allows you to manage the entire team of elite players?

If you would love a game like that, then your answer is Football Manager 2019. It is highly captivating and will keep you glued to your PC for hours. So, what are you waiting for? Now is your chance to be in charge of the team that you love and enjoy the sweet smell of victory.

5. Return of the Obra Dinn

Mystery in a game just never gets old, especially when it means that you have to solve it. In this game, you will play it out from a first-person view and go around the map, more specifically a ship, to solve all sorts of puzzles and find out the cause of the crew members’ death.

So, you basically get to play the role of a detective and crack the case. And the style of the game is fantastic in the sense that you can’t find it anywhere else in other games! So bring in your detective skills and play this game, because you’ll get to be a hero in your own way.


Your mind yearns to be occupied with challenging activities always. If you fail to feed your mind with challenges, you will be bored. Games have helped people to appreciate life since time immemorial. However, when you play a similar game over and over again, it loses its charm and eventually it will not be worth your time. You need to find new and different games to occupy your mind and body and the games above are a great way to start.

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