What Can You Do With Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are often the unspoken hero of in the office environment. There’s a reason they’re present in almost every office setting. People very rarely look at them as something that helps increase productivity, especially in an office something. But, the truth is, sticky notes are extremely useful.

If you ever needed a reason to start ordering Singapore bulk sticky notes for the office, you’ll find many ways sticky notes can help improve office productivity down below.

1.    Use Sticky Notes to Help Improve Workflow

Google Calendar (or any other scheduling app, for that matter) is great to help you schedule out your work and squeeze out as much productivity out of yourself as possible. However, those dings and notifications can get a little annoying, if not grating, at times.

That’s where sticky notes come in.

Putting up sticky notes to help organise the workflow allows you and everyone in the office to know what they should do next without even having to think about it. This small gesture has a profound effect on work office productivity. Not to mention, you get the satisfaction of being able to check things off of a checklist physically.

2.    Use Sticky Notes to Get People To Do Things

You can always get people in the office to do something for you, but chances are, they’ll either forget about it or be unresponsive. But, if you use sticky notes, you increase your chances greatly. This is because people don’t take sticky notes as being told to do something and see it as being kindly asked to do it.

There’s a huge difference between the two, and with sticky notes, you can make it easier to ask for help around the office.

3.    Use Sticky Notes to Create a Simplified To Do List

To do lists are great, but they can get too long at times. This makes them daunting and intimidating to look at. However, by using sticky notes, you can downsize all of those long lists and make sure that only the important stuff is prioritised properly.

There’s actually some science behind this. Apparently, because sticky notes are a “closed” list, there’s a sense of accomplishment for being able to get something done every day.

The key to making the most out of your using sticky notes is to be effective and feasible. Don’t scribble useless and unnecessary lists on the sticky notes. Make sure that what’s on there are things that need to get done today, and nothing more. If something is important but can be put off to tomorrow, put it to a reserved sticky note for tomorrow, or write a master list that you can refer to from time to time.

This way, the entire office feels like everyone is making progress and the tasks don’t get out of hand.

Productivity is the buzzword in pretty much in the entire work industry right now. With people asked to do more in less time, finding ways to squeeze the most out of every person isn’t easy. But, by using sticky notes from corporate gift suppliers in Singapore, you can help break down the process into smaller, more manageable pieces.

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