What You Need To Know Before Buying A New Leather Sofa

Finally, the time has come. You are replacing your old sofa! However, you should be careful when choosing which one to take home. So, how exactly do you choose the best leather sofa for your living room furniture in Singapore? Let’s take a look.

Check the quality

In some cases, even though the price tag is high, the quality does not really follow. How many stories have you heard of someone paying thousands of dollars for a new leather sofa just to have it crumbling and sticking to their guests’ legs a few months later?

In order to avoid that, make sure to check the quality of the sofa before buying it. Ask for samples of the safe you are eying and try scratching it off: if the fabric flakes, it is bad quality. In addition, the feel of leather will be smoother and more flexible than synthetic fabric.

As a general rule, Italian leather provides the best quality on the market.

Take a look at the frame

While the leather cover is what you are going to see and feel, the frame is a pretty important part of your new leather sofa. Indeed, the frame needs to be strong enough to support the weight of people sitting on the sofa, and, if you have kids, potentially of them playing and jumping around.

Solid hardwood is usually the best way to go here, as it is sturdier than thin metal bars or plywood. Reinforced corners are also a good thing to look out for as they add stability. Purchase from an online furniture shop in Singapore!

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