What Happens During A HIV Test

If you have been sexually active recently, you may be due for an HIV test in Singapore. HIV is incurable at the point of writing, but there are medications available to alleviate symptoms and suppress the virus’ effects on the body. Because early treatment is important for HIV patients, you should always get tested if you are ever at risk of HIV. You may have your HIV test at STD clinics in Singapore. Some clinics, offer confidential testing, which means that the results of the test will not be revealed to any hospital. Health practitioners take great care in sensitive topics such as HIV. If you are still worried about what may happen in the clinic during your test, this article will break the whole testing process down into three simple steps: doctor consultation, testing procedure and results.

Step 1: Doctor Consultation

Before the test, your doctor will ask you a few questions regarding your sexual history and why you think you need the test. This is the part that worries the most patients, as it is hard to be upfront about your sexual activity. Please do not be worried. STD doctors are trained to handle such specific information. In fact, the more honest you are about your sexual history, the easier it would be for the doctor to recommend which STDs you should get tested for. For instance, you have a low chance of contracting HIV if you have only previously had oral sex but higher chances of contracting HPV and syphilis.

You should also take this opportunity to explain to the doctor why you suspect you have an STD. Often, symptoms will show, and the doctor will be able to direct you towards the correct tests based on the symptoms.

The doctor will proceed to perform the test immediately after the consultation.

Step 2: Testing Procedure

Your doctor will proceed to draw blood from your arm. The blood will flow into a tube which will be sent to the laboratory for the test to be done.

If you are afraid of needles, please inform your doctor. They may be able to suggest alternative testing methods, such as the collection of saliva.

Your doctor may draw multiple tubes of blood if they would like to also test for other STDs. They may also suggest other forms of testing, such as getting a urine sample for chlamydia tests.

Step 3: Results

Results typically take 1 to 2 weeks and can be delivered to you through SMS or phone call. However, if you would prefer more privacy, you could arrange for another consultation with your STD doctor.

If the result is negative, then you do not have HIV. If it is positive, then there is a chance that you have contracted HIV. In that case, the doctor will prescribe some medication for you to take and arrange for you to return for a confirmatory test, in case the first one had a false positive result.


Consulting a doctor at an HIV clinic in Singapore is extremely simple.

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