What Type Of Occasion Can You Host At An Event Hall Rental

Do you have a special occasion that’s just around the corner? Are you looking for a place where you can celebrate together with your loved ones? If yes, then you wish to consider an event hall rental by self-storages in Singapore. Whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party, a business product launch or a training seminar, you can style up any event space to suit all your occasion’s needs.

To provide you with some ideas, below are some of the events you can host at an event space rental in Singapore.


Singaporean couples are increasingly exploring for affordable wedding venues and hosting them in an event hall rental. The shift is not a surprise considering the skyrocketing prices of traditional sites. Event hall rentals offer more affordable alternatives for hosting wedding ceremonies, the reception or banquet, and they are also available from self storages in Singapore.

Whether you are looking for a grand or conservative look, event hall rentals will provide you with the ideal setting and flexibility for you to decorate as desired, without breaking the bank for it. Moreover, with significant savings from the wedding venue, you can spend more money on other things as a couple, such as the honeymoon.

Baby Shower

Baby showers are joyous, memorable and heartwarming. But, you may face a dilemma over how to fit your guest list in your house for everyone to celebrate your little bundle of joy.

With event hall rentals in Singapore, you can get sufficient space to accommodate all your guests and you can still decorate to create that homely feel or other themes you wish for. You can find the cheapest self storages in Singapore that offer spaces suitable as a small baby shower venue for an intimate celebration.

Birthday Party

Whether it’s your 21st birthday bash or a kid’s birthday party, having the ideal setting to celebrate a milestone occasion is important. Holding your birthday party at an event hall rental offers a unique venue to wow your guests with. You are also afforded with the flexibility to execute your many ideas and include as many activities as you wish to.

Corporate Events

It could be the launch of a new product, an end-of-year party or a training seminar. Whatever corporate event you are planning, you’ll get thumbs up for professionalism and cost-cutting. Most event hall rentals in Singapore are also equipped with the necessary facilities to ensure you can run your event smoothly for a professional presentation.

To conclude, these occasions are special and important just for you and for your guests. Event hall rentals are highly suitable for various events and provide the capacity host more people and provide great flexibility while adhering to your budget.

One of the cheapest self-storages in Singapore, our store offers event space rentals as well as self storage units and work spaces. They are suitable to host a wide range of events and occasions including malay wedding venues and solemnization venue, with prices starting from $50 to $3,697/day. Each venue location is fitted with basic facilities including water supply, parking facilities, loading bay and 24-hour accessibility, to support your event and help it run smoothly. Aside from unlimited pax capacity, you get to enjoy the flexibility to decorate and hire any vendor of your choice. Under our parent company, LHN Group, the event spaces are located in over 36 properties across Singapore with sizes ranging from 50 sqft to 18,000 sqft.

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