10 Factors To Note When Picking An International School

Even though visiting a school physically is usually the best way to make an informed decision about choosing an international school Singapore for your child, some other steps you have to follow include getting opinions from other parents and families and checking school guides across different websites.

Singapore has a lot to offer regarding education, and there is a wide choice of international schools to pick for your child. Most of these schools have students of different backgrounds from different parts of the world and the schools themselves offer a wide variety of curriculums. As a parent, you need to understand what you are looking for and what will benefit your child. From the international primary curriculum to the single-country programs and the international Baccalaureate Curriculum, you have so much to pick from.

It is an important decision to make which you must not get wrong. We have put together a checklist of questions that you must get answers to before choosing an international school Singapore for your child.

  1. Will the curriculum suit your child’s educational needs?

There are different curriculums on offer at most international schools Singapore, and you need to check them out for you to be sure that they are the right fit for your child and family. The right curriculum will make a smooth transition in case your child moves to another school.

  1. How close to home and public transport is the school?

The school should be easily accessible from your home whether you will be dropping off and picking up your child or not. It has to be close to your home so your child can get to school early enough every day.

  1. What is the teacher-to-child ratio?

For effective learning, there has to be a small number of students to a teacher in one class. Anything above the standard, you should start looking elsewhere.

  1. Language

Most international schools Singapore teach second languages. Find out what the language is and if it is compulsory, and how it will benefit your child.

  1. Extracurricular activities

Are there any extracurricular activities and how do these activities influence your child’s academic studies and educational experience?

  1. Parental Involvement.

How involved are parents in the school? Do parents have a say in the affairs of the school and is there a platform for parents to interact with one another.

  1. Facilities

What type of facilities does the school have for after-school activities and outdoor activities? You need to be sure that your child is getting involved in enough recreational activities.

  1. Excursions.

Excursions are essential, and you need to make sure that your child gets the opportunity to visit places that they have read about. It could be traveling to other countries or historical locations.

  1. Holidays.

Some international schools Singapore have varying holiday dates from other schools in the country. You should check if the school’s holiday falls at the same time as other schools in Singapore.

  1. Parent Feedback.

Does the school communicate with parents about the learning experience of their wards? Do they send information directly to parents such as through newsletters and emails?

These questions are critical when enrolling your child in an international school Singapore. Getting answers to them will surely help you make a more informed decision about the school you are about to enroll your child.

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