Tips For Putting Together The Right Wedding Floral Arrangement

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding. The beautiful floral arrangements you ultimately choose to go for reflects your personal style and creativity. If you are new to floral arrangements, then choosing your wedding flowers could appear to be a strenuous task. However, following this simple planning process could make things easier for you. Even if you already have a few favourite flowers in mind, you will need to carefully consider other factors such as the budget, colours and style of decorations.

The primary task is to first set a budget for your floral arrangements. The choice of flowers for the bouquet, wedding centrepieces and the overall floral décor largely depends on the budget. If you have a higher budget and are willing to spend more, you could select more intricate arrangements using expensive flowers. A cheaper yet equally beautiful option for couples on a tight budget is considering to use more greenery in your floral arrangements. You can begin by gathering inspiration from websites like Pinterest or Instagram, or picking a wedding flower planner based in Singapore could be beneficial if you are on a time crunch.

Don’t forget to also think of a colour scheme for your flower arrangements. Picking a colour will help you to easily narrow down your options of flowers to choose from. Roses, tulips, carnations and dahlias are just some of the flowers that come in many blooming colours. Other flowers like anemones, hydrangeas and peonies have a much smaller colour palette to pick from. Essentially, your wedding flowers are not supposed to be the same as the rest of your décor but rather complement the colours being used for your invitation suite, attire, table linens and other various arrangements.

The bouquet that the bride carries down the aisle could be used as a starting point when selecting the wedding flowers. If the bride is wearing a lavish dress, it is better to pick a minimalistic yet still gorgeous bouquet. However, for dresses with cooler tones, consider picking a different and more vibrant palette of flowers and possibly a bigger bouquet. Once you have decided on the bride’s bouquet, it is now time to move forward to the remaining arrangements like the bridesmaid bouquets, centrepieces, corsage, boutonnieres and the aisle markers you would like to have. It is also a good option to embrace the season you are getting married in. For example, pick between hyacinths, roses and tulips for spring, or dianthus and dahlias for a fall wedding. Even though this isn’t a hard and fast rule, it could be difficult to find out-of-season flowers which might mean having to spend more money in the end.

Ultimately, your wedding flowers should resonate with the overall wedding style. If you are having a classic and formal black-tie wedding, it is better to keep in line with the traditional floral arrangements for the wedding – having one base theme for the centrepieces, garland and all other floral arrangements. If your wedding is slightly more informal and has room for flexibility, use the opportunity to be more creative with the floral arrangements, such as having mix-and-match flowers for different decor and centrepieces, a looser garden style setting and adding some handmade details to everything. Don’t be afraid to take your time to make your final decision – it is your big day after all, and it should only be the most wonderful and beautiful time of your life that you will cherish forever.

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