3 Kinds Of Convection Ovens & Their Purpose

Ovens are found in both home kitchens and as part of the restaurant cooking equipment in Singapore. While ovens are generally similar to operate, each one serves its own purpose.  This includes the common commercial oven, which can be easily obtained through Singapore restaurant kitchen suppliers.

Commercial ovens are suitable for oven-baked dishes such as pizza, Shepherd’s pie, tray-baked chicken and parchment baked salmon.

However, before purchasing an oven, you need to consider your restaurant’s menu. As mentioned, each oven comes with its own distinct functions. Thus, it’s important that you get one that’s appropriate for your kitchen.

Here are three common types of ovens and their specific uses!

Standard ovens 

These ovens are most common and are also referred to as radiant ovens. Food is heated primarily by radiation from the heating source located at the bottom of the unit. This source transmits heat across the oven. Standard ovens can be used for all types of food and are generally more affordable than other types of ovens. However, because its heating energy is transmitted through electromagnetic waves instead of convection or conduction, hot and cold spots are formed in the oven’s chamber. Hence, food will be cooked at a slower rate and sometimes, unevenly.

Convection ovens 

Convection ovens are very similar to standard ovens with the main difference being its air circulation. Unlike standard ovens, convection ovens are equipped with fans within its body. These fans circulate the air within the oven to distribute heat evenly. As heat is distributed evenly, the formation of hot and cold spots will be avoided. Additionally, food will be cooked more uniformly, at a faster rate and at a lower temperature, as compared to standard ovens. Because of these features, it is one of the preferred restaurant cooking equipment in Singapore.

Conveyor ovens

Unlike standard and convection ovens, conveyor ovens use a unique cooking method called ‘impingement’. Food is placed on a looping conveyor belt and is pulled through a heated chamber at a constant speed. When the food passes through the oven, hot air is emitted on to the food from either top or bottom or even from both directions. The constant and consistent spurts of hot air cook food quickly and uniformly. These ovens are ideally used for cooking pizzas or for restaurants that require a constant output of items.

Apart from these ovens, there are other commercial ovens such as Cook and Hold Ovens, Deck Ovens, Rotisserie Ovens, Salamander Broilers and Cheesemelters. Once you’re certain of your restaurant’s menu and the type of oven(s) you’ll need, locate and contact the relevant restaurant kitchen supplies in Singapore from our Search directory.

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