Your Personal Guide On How To Buy Gold In Singapore

If you travel to Singapore to buy gold, you will find it in abundance in different forms of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, chains, pendants, bangles or even pure gold bars. One of the most abundant things to buy in Singapore Is gold, and the Mustafa Center is the best place to buy. The shopping center is open throughout the day, and tourists get to enjoy tax refunds on gold purchases. So, if you are thinking of things to buy in Singapore, add gold to your list. Check out some gold buying tips below;

The Gold jewelry section at the Mustafa center is only open between 8:30 am and 1:00 am. So, if you intend to shop all day, you can use the time the center will be closed to look for other things to buy in Singapore.

Costs of gold jewelry and all other jewelry are openly displayed for everyone to see. Gold is sold on a per-gram basis, and the only additional fee you have to pay is the workmanship fee.

When you buy gold at the Mustangs Center, you are entitled to a tax refund through the GST refund scheme. For every gold you purchase, you will be charged for sales tax that you will get back once you have filled the refund forms. However, note that you are only entitled to a tax refund if you made a minimum purchase of $100. You can receive your sales tax refund in cash or your credit card.

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