A Guide On How To Prevent Your Clear Braces From Staining

Have you been covering your mouth with your hand every time you smile or laugh? Hate to tell you but everyone in the room knows why you are doing it. It’s those damn braces isn’t it? They have started to turn yellow from the edges and you can’t bring yourself to embarrass yourself in the public.

It’s alright. We all have went through this phase, even those who do not wear braces. Here’s an idea: why not stop using your hand as a shield and do something about this whole “yellowing” fiasco. We are sure that you have heard from every good orthodontist in Singapore but we will remind you again: brush those teeth people! Those who wear braces, need to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning their teeth because you now have to keep your braces stain-free too.

The Dirt on Clear Braces

For those of you who do not know, clear braces cost Singapore can fall in the range of $3,500 to $6,000. So when we say they stain pretty easily, you need to be very careful with the cleanup. Most people opt for white or transparent elastic ligatures attached to the brackets that hold the arch wires. These ligatures are prone to staining. You do not really want to go with the colourful ones because they make you stand out in the crowd when you smile. Today, you can easily get clear braces that are self-ligating but if you already have the basic ones, keep reading.

5 Tips on Keeping Your Braces Clean

  1. Brush and Brush Away

By that we mean, try brushing your teeth after EVERY MEAL. This does deserve all caps. Braces develop plaque and capture bacteria quite fast. When leftover food particles get stuck in the braces, the teeth start to stain slowly due to the food colour. You might even be looking at tooth decay. All that money spent will go down the drain in just a few weeks.

  1. Floss and Rinse

A good orthodontist in Singapore will tell you how important it is to floss and rinse after anything you have eaten. Your toothbrush’s bristles might not reach some places and that’s what floss is for. You can always go for a mouthwash after snacking. A waterpik also does a great job, so keep some of those too in your purse or pocket.

  1. Avoid Foods and Drinks that Stain

We understand that you can’t exactly let go of your morning cup of Joe but why not cut back on it a little. Think of it this way: it’s only for a short time until the braces have done their work. Some of the food and drinks you need to avoid include coffee, desserts like cookies and ice cream, mustard, popsicles, tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar, etc.

  1. Put a Full Stop to Your Smoking

Did we mention clear braces cost Singapore earlier? Wanted to remind you before you lighted that cigarette again… There is the damage to your lungs, liver, teeth and more. The tobacco in cigarettes stains your braces faster and gives your teeth that sickeningly yellow sheen. Plus, these stains go deeper and harder to remove. Better go cold turkey on this one.

  1. Say NO to Whitening Toothpaste

Your first choice will be to go for the whitening toothpaste to speed up the cleaning process. However, a good orthodontist in Singapore will advise you against this. As mentioned earlier, your toothbrush might not reach all the places, which means part of your teeth will be white and part yellow. The different shades will be an unpleasant sight.

Now that you know what to do and what to avoid when wearing braces, you can change your daily routine to make sure that no harm comes to the braces and your teeth. As a parting remark, we would like to say that never miss your orthodontist appointment or else all that effort spent on keeping your smile in place will be for nothing.


Your smoking habit may be doing more damage than you might think. If you are wearing clear braces and they have started to stain, here are some tips from a good orthodontist in Singapore to keep them shining bright!

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