4 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Your Acne Scars

We can imagine how painful it is to go through several pages of acne scar removal remedies and still end up with those painful red bumps in your skin. While the outbreak of cystic acne is known to be hereditary, most researches also suggest that the outbreak can occur at any time during your life, hormones play a major role too.

Here are 4 simple tips to speed up the acne scar removal process:

  1. Drink a quart of water daily that is infused with fresh mint

One litre of water (quart), infused with fresh mint helps reduce the high androgen levels, bringing them back to their normal level.  It also helps reverse the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, helping you stay hydrated, assisting in digestion, and also helps with the skin.

  1. Do not squeeze your cystic acne, or even touch your face

There is no point in squeezing cystic pimples since the clogged pores are too deep, and the inflammation is even worse. Just by taking a break from touching your face more often, except when washing your face, you are actually improving your condition.

  1. Do not eat dairy products

Even when some doctors say it’s a myth, avoiding dairy has proven to reduce the breakouts and heal your skin quicker. Also beware that dairy products and by products can be hidden in premade and processed foods too.

  1. Use essential oils

A little massage of essential oils over the inflamed area can help prevent deep scarring and actually speed up the healing process. Recommended oils include lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oil.

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