Tips To Help You Instantly Be A Pro In Floral Arrangement

How many times have you bought a bridal flower bouquet from the flower store and when you get home and set them in a vase, they look nothing like how they were arranged in store? How about those who have their own gardens and wish to beautify the inside of their homes with flowers from their garden?

To put it simply, the pressing question is why is it so hard to arrange them as a professional would?

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to become a pro at floral arrangements with or without floral arrangement classes in Singapore.


Anyone who is inexperienced in floral arrangements will tell you that whenever they attempt to place flowers in a bowl or vase with a small mouth, they simply fall to the sides and leave a gap in the middle, or they have to stuff a lot in there and still, it simply does not look right.

To solve this problem, simply form a grid with cellophane or any available tape, to help you control how the flowers are positioned. If you are too lazy for this step and want something that will last longer, get some flower arrangements which come in a variety of sizes for different sized containers. They can also be decorative and add a bit of flair to your arrangement


While flowers are decorative themselves, having a little extra oomph would not hurt.

One way you can do this is by doubling vases. Simply get one small vase and one large vase. They should preferably be of similar height and should fit together sensibly. Line the larger, outer vase with something that will complement the flowers such as lemon slices, orange peels, acorns, rocks, or shells. Then, fill the smaller, inner vase with suitable flowers.


For some people, flower stems are unsightly in floral arrangements as they are not usually identical and take a bit of work to get them looking the same.

To disguise stems in a clear vase, simply line the glass with flat leaves to hide the stems. This also gives the arrangement a unique look and will hide the floral foam used to keep the flowers in place.


While flowers can float on their own, after a while, they begin to sink to the bottom and what you have worked hard on will be ruined.

For the standard beginner, large flowers are advised as they are much easier to arrange. To keep them afloat, create bubble skirts using bubble wrap at the pedicel or the line between the actual petals and the flower’s stem.


What many people are doing now is keeping the floral arrangement contained within the vase. This means there are no flowers spilling over the sides or protruding above its rim.

What’s great about this idea is that it looks elegant, neat and does not require as many flowers. All you have to do is like the base of the base with rocks that will help to keep the flowers upright and add the required amount of water to keep the stems moist.


There is nothing more discouraging than putting your time and effort into something that falls apart within hours, so here’s how you can make your arrangement last as long as possible:

  • Be sure to change the water as soon as it starts looking less clear
  • Place flowers in the freezer to reduce water loss and keep them looking fresh
  • Pound the ends of thick stems with a hammer to help them absorb water better, thereby lasting much longer
  • Lightly spray flowers with hairspray to keep the flowers looking fresh
  • Remove leaves below the water line and cut stems at a certain angle

Doing floral arrangements is not rocket science. Just keep these tips in mind and pretty soon you will become an expert at it!

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