How To Let Your Child Become The Most Favourite Student In Class

Being a teacher’s pet in school has a lot of benefits that is why it is crucial to make them pleasing to their teacher as possible. I have known this because I became a teacher’s pet before when I was young as far as I can remember among my classmates I am the most favorite of my teacher.

This is the primary reason when I became a parent I always see to it that the teachers and my child are in good terms. Because my child was behaving well in school eventually he became the most favorite student in the class.

Here are the following benefits that your child can get if they became a teacher’s pet:

  • They will get more consideration from their teachers – there are situations in school wherein our child is in trouble that is why it is very important for your child to get the favor of their teachers. For example, there is an issue with one of their subjects the teacher will do their best to help your child to pass by giving them some credit to increase their grades.
  • They will become protected from bullies – it is given that not all of the students in a school are morally-upright because there are instances that in a class there are some bullies. It is very important for your child to be protected from those kinds of kids.

Right now you are asking on how it can be possible for your child to become the most favorite student of their teacher even if there is so much competition. We know that teachers must not have any favoritism when it comes to their students as it will impose a negative impact on the lesser favorite students.

The Techniques

However, it cannot be prevented that is why you must take the opportunity and try your best for the teachers to be favorable to your child. Here are the following techniques that you can do immediately:

  • Teach your child to behave properly while in school – by behaving properly the teachers will surely like your child.
  • Give the teacher some tokens and gifts on special occasions – the teachers will truly appreciate if you will give them something during teacher’s day, New Year, Christmas or their birthday. It does not matter even the gift is not that expensive as long as it is from the heart it will truly be appreciated.
  • Be active on school’s activities as a parent – as we all know there are lots of extracurricular activities in international schools here in Singapore. So if your child is studying in international schools expect to have loads of activities. Be active on these activities and for sure your child will reap the benefits of your hard work.

So there you go I hope that you learned a lot from this article and wish your child a lot of success!

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