Acne Scar Removal Via Laser Treatment: Preparations To Make

If your cystic acne scars are frustrating your looks and you have gotten tired of seeing those ugly scars on your face, then it is time to seek for an effective acne removal treatment. Laser treatment is one of them, and once you make up your mind to go for this, your doctor will give you all the information on what is required of you. Before you go for the treatment however, below are some tips for you to follow;

  • Give up smoking before your treatment: Before you go for your laser treatment, make sure you last stick of cigarette was two or three weeks before your scheduled treatment. You do not want to risk getting different side effects.
  • Stay away from aspirin: Aspirin and some other medications or supplements can slow down the healing process of your skin after a laser treatment for acne scar removal.
  • Avoid any skin care product that contains glycolic acid or retinol. At least for a month before your treatment, you should not use those products on your skin.
  • Get a sunblock. Your skin should not be overly exposed to the sun before your treatment.
  • Make sure your doctor gives you the right antibiotic to prevent an outbreak of cold sores on your lips in case the laser treatment is for your face.

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