Reshaping Your Face: An Alternative To Surgery

Losing weight can already be challenging, and having extra fat in the face can be an additional problem that is frustrating to deal with. Facial exercises can help to improve facial appearance and tone facial muscles while cutting down on refined carbs can help reduce fat storage and aid in facial fat loss.

However, sometimes there is only so much that exercise and a change in diet could help. In particular, many people in Singapore are Asians who have naturally round face, short nose, chubby cheeks and short chin. Furthermore, the popular V-shaped face became highly desirable in both eastern and western cultures, where the face shape is conformed to the rule of thirds. An ideally proportioned face means the lower 1/3 of the face and upper 1/3 of the face is equal.

If you have always been wishing to improve your facial silhouette, there is a way to achieve it in three steps without the need for surgery.

Filler injectables

The sides of the V can be achieved by facial slimming for a more defined jawline. Botox injectables has been safely used to reduce the width of the face. It is injected directly to the chewing muscle (masseter) which will cause it to weaken and shrink in size. The jaw muscles can be strong and bulk up over time, especially in people who grind or clench their teeth, which results in a more squarish lower shape of the face. For people with a round or chubby face, the size of the prominent masseter muscle is reduced so the jawline will soften into a slimmer, less angular shape.

Chin fillers

The chin plays a significant role in creating the desirable and popular V-shaped face, and it helps in creating the visual illusion of a slimmer face. With chin fillers, the chin can be lengthened or brought forward to create the ideal proportion in the lower face to improve the silhouette of the whole face in a less invasive procedure.

The popularity of chin fillers in Singapore is growing as many Asians generally have short chins. By adding volume in the right places, the chin can be finely manipulated to look more defined and improve one’s overall aesthetic appeal.

V-Lift nose threadlift

Another trend in cosmetic treatments is V-Lift nose thread lift which helps you achieve a slimmer and more defined nose bridge without surgery. Absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) suture threads are used to insert into the nose bridge and columella, to provide a lifting effect on the nose tip and bridge. When the nose tip is raised and the nose bridge is narrower and sharper with more definition, this creates the illusion that the entire nose is smaller.

This absorbable thread material is commonly used in surgery to stitch up internal organs. In about a year, the threads will be naturally absorbed and collagen will begin to form around the threads. Thus, this helps to maintain the effects of nose threadlift longer.

The use of non-surgical cosmetic treatments for nose, chin and face can help in facial remodelling and reshaping to make your features sharper, more defined with a slimmer facial silhouette. These procedures are quick with minimal pain and downtime as compared to surgery options.


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