How To Motivate A Crushed Child In An International School

It is certain that almost all of us, experienced being remorseful particularly in school when we got a very low grade, because we are afraid that our parents might see it. This is more prevalent in children that are studying in top international school in Singapore because they are more exposed to stress because of the tremendous academics workload that they have.

Here are some tips that you can do lift up the mood of your child in order for them to become motivated again in studying.

  • Give them words of wisdom – if they fail a certain subject, do not reprimand them instead give them pieces of advice to help them improve.
  • Treat them – you can ask them to go for a movie or lunch date and your kids will truly appreciate that and they will forget the traumatic experience that happened to them.
  • Give them the support that they need – they will truly appreciate if you will do an action regarding their problems in academics.
  • Motivate them – tell them some inspirational stories that will help spark their urge to continue despite of failure.

Keep those tips in mind and you are doing a lot of good things to your child. They will surely be motivated to study more and strive harder because you have shown them that failure is normal and most of the time we cannot prevent it from happening.

It is just tricky at first but eventually your child will realize that you are right and they can apply it even as they grow up.

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