Why Crystal Tomato Plays A Big Role In Your Beauty Routine

For some people, the never-ending battle to attain clear skin is all too familiar. From bad acne breakouts to ageing spots, these can cause scars and pigmentation to appear on your skin. There are many procedures around like acne scar removal in Singapore to lighten pigmentation and brighten your complexion. But what about treating your skin from within?

One of the latest trends in beauty and skincare is supplements, which have come a long way from old-fashioned hair and skin vitamins. They are formulated with key ingredients to tackle specific skin issue and work from the inside out to achieve pristine skin. Even celebs are in on this supplement-boosted beauty trend, with Friends-actress Jennifer Aniston taking drinkable collagen to maintain stronger nails and a glowy complexion. With supplements on the rise, many people have added them to be a part of their beauty routine, and you can too.

Crystal Tomato supplement

Facing skin pigmentation issues? Have some acne scars to lighten? Crystal Tomato is a skincare supplement that is produced from 100% natural and organic ingredients which are beneficial for skin health. The secret to how effective Crystal Tomato lies in its active ingredient – Crystal Tomato Carotenoids which have been extracted and prepared through patented technology for oral consumption. A result of 10 years of R&D, they are a unique breed of white tomatoes which are specially cultivated for supplement use and scientifically proven to bring skin whitening and brightening benefits.

Taken just once a day, Crystal Tomato supplement can be a part of your daily routine. A box contains a months’ supply, packed in 3 convenient blister strips of 10s each. Because it is a 100% natural food supplement, it is safe for daily consumption over a long-term period.

What can it do for your skin

The benefits Crystal Tomato have for your skin includes:

• Promotes radiant complexion and an even skin tone

• Protection against UVA and UVB rays to prevent sunburn, UV damage and photo-oxidation

• Inhibits melanin synthesis which helps to prevent the formation of pigmentation spots

• Contains anti-inflammatory properties to fight against UV damage and wounds

• Protection against free radical damage as anti-oxidants, which are caused by external/environmental factors

• Brings an anti-ageing and anti-photo ageing effect by lowering the melanin that’s present in the cells such as age spots, freckles, acne scars

• Supports the activities of other active ingredients and enhances its efficacy

From clinical trials, specific skin improvements were also recorded after 84 days of consuming Crystal Tomato supplements. These include a decrease in skin roughness and dryness, and improvement in skin texture and skin tone.

As you only need to take it once a day, this is a convenient supplement for most modern women today to maintain beauty from within and achieve healthier looking skin with a whitening and antioxidant protection effect.

Crystal Tomato is available in our clinic, pick up these supplements at our front desk. If you wish to seek more details on them or other treatments available such acne treatment in Singapore.

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