Must-Go Shopping Spots For Shopaholics In Singapore

For all the shopping lovers, Singapore is the best & supreme place to visit. Shopping in Singapore proffers a matchless shopping experience. At least once in your life, you must go there & then you will fall in love with that place. When it comes to the most vibrant shopping hubs in Asia, Singapore comes first to the list. It has more than a few shopping centres for everything. Millions of tourists from all over the globe come to visit this fashion paradise & buy the chicest items for them.

Due to the abundance of talented & extraordinary local designers, the prices of everything are reasonable so one can have a pleasant shopping experience there. So, one might say that Singapore is a place where budget conscious people can get the best items with utmost satisfaction of quality.

#1 Orchard Road

When it comes to shopping in Singapore, the best ever place is Orchard Road. When you choose to visit there, you will find almost everything you need to buy. From garments to jewellery, electronics & everything else can be found there within your budget. This amazing road is like a paradise of an endless stream of shops that proffer visitors an incredible shopping experience.

#2 Takashimaya shopping centre

Takashimaya shopping centre is one of the most visited shopping malls in Singapore. The locals, as well as the visitors, love to shop from this place as it has everything for you. You will find a range of trendy items, from fashion, arts, sports, music, craft, beauty & cosmetics. A variety of food stalls make it place heaven to spend a whole day.

#3 Mustafa Shopping Centre

Another addition to the most amazing shopping centres of Singapore is the Mustafa Centre (Little India). The reason behind the popularity of Mustafa centre is that it has a variety of every item from garments to jewellery, electronics, & home wares, etc.  Mostly the visitor shop lots of stuff as you can easily find great bargains from there.

#4 Bugis St Market

In the Arab quarter of Bugis district, there is another market of Singapore called Bugis St Market. In Singapore, it is the largest shopping street market that has numerous stalls that hold the finest items. If you are in need to buy fashionable clothes, shoes, jewellery, & cosmetics from a single place, this is the right shopping street to visit. One more thing to mention about Bugis St Market is that one can also find tattooists, body piercers, hairdressers & specialist manicurists, etc there.

#5 Thieves Market

The last and the oldest but not the least market for shopping in Singapore is the Thieves Market. The amazing thing to mention about thieves market is that it proffers you a wide array of second-hand goods so is a suitable place for the shoppers that are very limited with their budget. The travellers from other places don’t buy much from this place but it is a fascinating market to visit.

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