A Useful Guide For A Healthier BBQ Experience

Many people have concerns over the health effects of barbecue grilling. This is a genuine factor that affects many people’s decision to have bbq catering, but there’s a solution for it. As much as barbecue grilling may pose some health concerns, there are several ways to reduce the health issues surrounding barbecues. Take note of the following tips that can significantly change your attitude about grilling and health.

Remove the excess fat

When you want to barbecue, you need to get the job done right and in a healthy manner. The skin that is mostly on poultry meat is unnecessary and can cost you a lot when it comes to your health and well-being. To avoid this, trim the fat on the meat and use healthy cooking oil to brush the food. Also, allow the excess fat to drip away when you are cooking as opposed to leaving it on the meat.

Choose a healthier source of meat

Believe it or not, the source of your meat may be the reason why you have had an unhealthy barbecue experience. Some sources of meat contain a lot of saturated fat which is harmful to you. Consider buying from bbq wholesale in Singapore to get safe meat at pocket-friendly prices. This will not only save your money but also your health.

Consider the type of meat

Red meat, to be precise. It’s not as healthy as white meat is since it’s filled with a lot of saturated fats that are unhealthy for the human body. An excellent choice of meat would be chicken or fish as opposed to beef. Not that you should avoid beef for good, but you can have it in little portions that won’t affect your health that much. To be more specific, you can even go for particular parts on the fish or chicken that are healthier. For instance, the skinless chicken breast is a healthy option for you to choose. Also, salmon and trout found in fish are equally good choices of meat parts to grill.

Limit your portions

Since you are barbecue grilling, you can add some vegetable portions to grill the meat with so that you reduce the amount of meat you consume. This is healthier than merely barbecuing meat alone or eating it whole without any sides. Greens have more nutritional value and grilling them with meat can likely counter the health concerns present. Another great way to combine the two is by grilling kebabs, which are made up of both meat and greens.

Marinate for shorter times

Although you might be used to marinating for long periods to enhance the taste and flavour just before grilling, this may not be the right thing to do. Recent research has shown the adverse effects of marinating food for long as it reduces the antioxidants present.

Avoid grilling at high heat

As much as many might be used to this tendency, it is not right. High heat is linked to high carcinogens in meat such as HCA and PAH to form. You can prevent this by regulating the temperature and having it stay at around 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

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