Acne Scarring Solutions That You Can Go For

Most of the time, acne subside and we are left behind with scars. Usually, these scars form as dimples or bumps. In order to get rid of acne scars Singapore, you might need a different kind of treatment. Here’s a list of common cystic acne treatments offered in Singapore.

  1. Laser Treatment

This non-surgical treatment is very common and helpful in removing acne scars permanently. Here, laser beams penetrate through the skin to deliver higher energy amounts. These beams heat up your skin and remove the damaged skin layers. The laser procedure even stimulates regeneration.

  1. Chemical Peels

Another effective way to get rid of acne scars is chemical peels. They comprise of an acidic solution that slough off the damaged skin layer when you apply it on your skin. It works like salicylic creams that exfoliate your skin.

  1. Subcision

Subcision is a surgical process for removing acne scarring. It is commonly used for uneven skin, which comprises of depressed scars. Here, a surgeon inserts a unique needle into the scar tissue to break it down, which results in elevating the tissue to the level of your skin.

  1. Dermal Fillers

Generally, it is not a scar treatment. However, most clinics make use of this method to make the skin look smoother and younger by plumping it. In this procedure, a surgeon inserts a particular gel beneath your skin surface.

Go for any cystic acne treatment Singapore to remove acne scars on a permanent basis! All of these methods are quite effective. Before opting for one, consult a dermatologist.

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