Fire Extinguishers 101: When Are Inspections Needed?

Fire extinguishers are needed in offices or houses to ensure great protection against accidental fires. Not just you need the proper equipment for protection, but you also have to opt for proper maintenance and inspection of the fire suppression system by CO2.

Ideally, you must maintain the fire systems in the following way.

  • Delivery

For the very first time, a commissioning service will perform the maintenance task on the time of delivering or installing the system. Here, the supplier will perform a preliminary inspection to examine any damage sign.

  • Monthly

One should go for fire extinguisher maintenance ideally on a monthly basis. You can hire a designated person to carry out the assessment. This is so because it does need special training to detect if the fire suppression system with clean air is working properly or not.

  • Annually

The most comprehensive and detailed inspection of the fire extinguishers is the annual one. A certified or qualified professional must carry out this annual inspection. The process of an inspection varies depending on the kind of fire extinguishers. For conventional extinguishers, the interior should be thoroughly examined before refilling it. In water extinguishers, you need to examine for probable leaks in the line.

After the maintenance service, you need to maintain record along with the maintenance date. Also, add the name of the person who carried out the inspection along with the complete assessments. Now, you get an idea on when you should opt for fire extinguisher maintenance!

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