How To Select An International School For Your Child

When it comes to international schools, Singapore offers an array of choices. Being a non-resident, it can be overwhelming to decide which international school in Singapore will be best for your child.

However, with the help of the following guidelines, you will be able to sort things out.

Tips for choosing the best International school in Singapore

  1. School curriculum

For people having a short-term stay in Singapore for around 2 to 3 years; go for the schools following your home country ‘s curriculum.

If you are in Singapore for the long term, go for the schools following the International Bachelorette curriculum. Strictly consider this factor for the ease of further education.


  1. School facilities

Almost all international schools in Singapore are well equipped with advanced facilities. So, before choosing one, make sure that it caters to the interest level of your child.

For example, if your child is very much into sports, you might want to look for a school providing ample sports facilities. Extracurricular activities are necessary for a child’s development—along with academics.


  1. Subjects and languages

Research on the subjects and languages taught at different schools. If your family keeps moving to different locations, then learning multiple languages can be beneficial for your child. Both the IB diploma programme(16-19) and the IB MYP programme(11-16) allow for the study of additional languages—turning your child into a bilingual, or maybe even multilingual!


  1. School fees

Check the fee structure of your selected schools, as international schools in Singapore can be rather expensive. There are plenty of additional costs for different facilities provided.

In addition, International school fees have a tendency to increase by 3 to 8% annually. So, calculate as per that and take note of the discounts offered by different schools.


  1. School ethics

Research and analyze if the school culture will be suitable for your child. This is a very important thing to do before enrolling your child into an international school. If you intend to say, enroll your child in the IB primary years programme—he or she will likely have to sit through the IB PYP curriculum in Singapore for around 9 years (or less depending on the age in which he/she enrolls).

That’s why it’s a good idea to take your child down to the school itself to determine whether or not they like the environment and people there.

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