How To Tell If A School’s Learning Environment Is Conducive

An international school in Singapore equipped with the latest technology is truly effective in making your child reach their utmost potential. However, not all the international schools in Singapore are using the latest technology in educating students.

How can you tell if the international school that you are eyeing to enroll your child in has the latest technology? We came up with a comprehensive list of the different ways that you can utilize to check if the international school has the technology that you are looking for.

  • Inspect the computer laboratory to see if the computers have the latest specifications – an updated computer will make use of the latest software which will speed up the learning process of a child.
  • Search if the school has integrated technology in disseminating information – some schools have already integrated electronic devices such as televisions and projectors in their classrooms. The said devices can be used for PowerPoint presentations and film viewing can actually help a child in grasping the knowledge that is related to their current topic.
  • Know if the international school practices automation – you can actually tell if the school has some sort of automation by means of checking facilities such as the admissions office, guidance office, principal’s office, and even the cashier for any sort of computer system that might be used.
  • Ask the office directly if they have an effective IB programme in Singapore by asking the principal or admission’s office directly. All International Baccalaureate subjects be it in the IB diploma programme, or the IB primary years programme incorporate ICT into teaching, learning and assessing—providing the highest academic quality of education.

So just keep those four tips in mind and rest assured that you will get the right school for your child that will bring them a superb learning experience.

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