A Guide To Making The Best Use Of Limited Rental Space

It is undisputed that Singapore is Asia’s most prominent regional business hub. This is complemented by the rising number of multinationals setting base in the city-state due to a deepening seamless trading environment fueled by technology and a well-oiled workforce. However, this expansion has also triggered a higher demand for professional amenities such as office space, seminar rooms and other office services. As the demand for space in Singapore rises, rental prices escalate, and the available space per Singapore dollar shrinks.

It’s not a surprise therefore for entrepreneurs to go for non-extravagant spaces to meet their seminar room rental needs in Singapore. If that’s you, here’s how can optimise the limited space of your meeting room.

Start with the Furniture

Whenever you think about a rental meeting room, tables and chairs are the first to come to mind. Any seminar, meeting or training has an objective of impacting the audience. Therefore, it is entirely fitting to think about your audience’s comfort while in the room. Attendees will need to have sufficient tablespace, elbow room, and occasionally stretching spaces. They will also need clear walk paths. These requirements are a fundamental for any meeting room. Therefore, you should take keen measurements of the room and these measurements a critical guide when selecting the size and style of furniture.

Remember, visitors may be in the room for long stretches. Thus, go for small enough but collapsible and ergonomic chairs.

Table Configuration

The table configuration is critical when dealing with rental meeting rooms. Modular tables that can adjust and fit a varying number of people, depending on the groups present, are vital pieces of furniture which you must consider to be part of your equipment. With the right table configuration, you will maximise the available space while allowing free movements. Moreover, you can upscale or downscale the capacity of your room by collapsing and storing tables that are not in use.

Be Creative with the Audio Visual Equipment

Electronic equipment companies are making media appliances smaller and more compact. However, you need to be creative in how or where you place these appliances in the seminar rental in Singapore. You can avoid placing projectors on top of tables. Instead, use flat-screen TVs and mount them on the wall cutting out the need for projector space. Also, ensure that other media equipment, such as public address systems, do not encroach on human space.

Storage in a Limited Seminar Room in Singapore

Some meeting rooms in Singapore can be perfect concerning location, costs and ambience. However, they may miss out on one crucial requirement, storage space. The rental may lack space for a filing cabinet or any other built-in storage furniture. In such a case, you can fit the meeting room with overhead shelves at a safe height and use them to keep handy supplies neatly. However, desist from cluttering your seminar room with items you can store in other places.

Use Technology

When you think about training or meeting room rentals, several other administrative items inevitably pop-up. You will need updated files – means tons of copies – and note-taking materials. However, you don’t have to pile different files or scramble for copier machine space. You can adapt technology such as tablets and use personal organiser apps such as Evernote and Google Calendar for taking notes and sharing files.

To conclude, shrinking space doesn’t disqualify you from delivering professionalism and elegance. Use these pointers to optimise the limited space for your rental meeting room in Singapore.

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