Grilling Safety 101: A Guideline For Amateur Cooks

Many people are curious to know if barbecue grilling is healthy for the body. Barbecuing is also relatively risky, and that’s why safety precautions are essential to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, and thus, it is vital to be cautious. Some accidents that are prone to happen when grilling include fires and injuries, especially with children. Gas grills to be precise, cause more fires than its charcoal counterparts. Electric grills are safer than both but tend to be rather expensive. The following are some of the tips to have in mind when buying bbq wholesale to cook and even when hiring bbq catering services:

Have a stable grill

It is imperative that you maintain the stability of your grill at all times. This will save you from many accidents that might occur to you and the people in your surroundings. A good way to ensure stability is to place it on a flat surface and make sure that no one can tip it over at the slightest touch. The best grill is the one that is stuck on the floor, but if you cannot get to have yours firmly affixed; make sure its stability is high. Also, if you can’t find a flat surface, consider using a splatter mat or grill pad below.

Grill away from structures

The best place to grill is outside the house and far away from any structures, especially if using gas or charcoal grills. An electric grill is safer since it needs a power source to operate and can be switched off at any time. As you set up the grill, be wary of branches hanging around your compound so that they don’t have any contact with fire.

Ensure that there are no leaks in your gas system

The reason why gas grills are known to be riskier than charcoal ones is primarily due to the possibility of leaks. The propane gas that is used on these grills is hazardous and can blow up anytime in the case of a leak. You can check for leakage through the hosepipe by applying a soap and water solution throughout it. After doing this, turn on the gas without lighting it and wait to see any bubbles appear on the pipe. If bubbles do make an appearance, there may be a leak. Another way to notice a leak is through the odor that most people with a keen sense of smell will likely pick up on.

Take care of the lit grill

Anything can happen when the grill is lit, especially when kids are playing around in the area. A point of caution is never to leave the grill unattended. If you have to leave for some other place, then make sure you either switch it off or have another adult to take care of it until you’re back. Never permit your pets and kids to move the grill around and also don’t try to move it when the fire is still going. If you have to change its location, then switch it off first. Besides, keep in mind that the grill stays hot for around an hour after you have switched it off.

Check on your clothing

The type of wear you have on when grilling matters a lot when it comes to safety. Don’t put on clothes made of a flammable material that can catch fire easily. Stuff like apron strings, sleeves, shirt endings, and ties should be placed at a safe distance from the grill.

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