Eight Hair Transplantation Processes To Overcome Baldness

Hair transplantation uses an advanced technique of removing hair follicles from one area and planting them in the bald area. If you are not aware of the steps involved in the hair transplant Singapore procedures, we have listed them below to give you an insight.

Step #1

The initial step is the preparation for the hair transplant Singapore procedure. This involves identifying the areas for harvesting hair follicles and formulating the plan for planting in the bald areas.

Step #2

The area from which hair follicles are harvested is called a donor area. Before the surgery, the hair in this area is trimmed to make it easy to harvest and plant.

Step #3

The donor area is administered local anesthesia to make extraction of hair follicles painless for the patient.

Step #4

The donor area contains bald resistant hair follicles which are removed using a surgical procedure, the area is then sutured.

Step # 5

The sutures which are the result of hair follicle tissue extraction are hidden by combing the hair over them. However, these sutures are not permanent and are removed after a few days of the hair transplant Singapore surgery.

Step #6

The bald area of the patient is prepared to plant the hair follicles extracted once the anesthesia is administered. The area needs to trimming or shaving of hair to implant extracted hair follicles.

Step #7

The extracted hair follicles are then planted in the follicle unit of the bald areas by Singapore hair surgeons with the help of microscopes.

Step #8

Tiny incisions can be visible for the patients after hair plant surgery where hair follicles are planted which heal naturally within a week or so.

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