Office Move Checklist: 5 Key Factors You Can’t Miss Out On

Small changes eventually lead to big success. A workspace; be it a room alone or a set of rooms are where employees spend most of their day at – with the sole aim to perform work to support and realise the objectives and goals of the organisation.

At a certain point in time, you’ll find that office relocation is required – whether it’s for improving the quality at a workspace or moving into an alternative workspace like a self-storage. No matter the reason, an office move is a similar process to moving into a brand new home. You have to take the massive, large furniture into consideration, be delicate in packing and have various rooms packed up nicely.

When it all comes down to it, office shifting involves a lot of work, and shifting an office may be an elaborate and time-consuming task. Keep reading on to find out how you can ease your stress on your part during the office move.

Create an outline plan

When it’s about relocating to a new office space, you have to start the planning process as soon as possible. Create a timeline that includes all of the necessary steps, so you don’t miss out on anything.

For the schedule to happen, it means you will have to discuss the plan with all team members involved with the transfer. Make sure to be sensible and realistic about the time frame to shift and reason for your relocation. All these may seem like tiny bit of details, but together they make up to be essential points for a smooth office move.

Design business spac

After the outline plan, comes the design concept of your workspace. Create a complete layout on how to decorate different parts – such as wallpaper, table and seating arrangement, décor and other sorts of office furniture.

Compare the general design plan for your current spent to your future one. If there are areas in the principal office that are not working, classify them, so that the same problems can be minimised in your workspace. For you to take the whole office design into your own hands, you’ll need to have a storage rental which gives you the freedom to do so. We have the cheapest self storages in Singapore with a wide range of storage space units from 6 sqft to 730 sqft while workspaces start from 88 sqft onwards. Whether you’re opting for a large or small office space for rent, we have plenty of alternatives for you to freely design your workspace to your heart’s content.

Make the budget

Moving into a new workspace can be fun and exciting, but it also takes a lot of expenses, time and planning. You have to prepare the resource sheet after considering all probable expenses for moving the workspace.

For you to ensure you don’t go over the budget given, it’s also best that you select an affordable office space for rent beforehand. One good example would be a self-storage where you get the best of both worlds – a workspace and storage space so you don’t have to rent two different spaces. In that way, you can also focus on the other parts of the moving process – such as movers and packers for handling the boxes, tapes, files, folders, electronic equipment, and so forth. Afterwards, to reduce downtime, you should move non-essential items first to your new workspace.

Technical equipment

Such tasks cannot be handled by movers – important documents and files about your companies have to be managed on your own.

Get your I.T department or whoever that is in charge of all such matters to draft out a plan. Be sure to include all kinds of office equipment like servers, computers, phones and data internet plans as well. Aside from ensuring all these are reused, so no extra costs are incurred – you should get a workspace with all the basic facilities.

Labelling your boxes

After relocating to a new office, you’ll want to label every single box carefully to keep operations running during and after the move. For maximum efficiency, label each box with a position and a quantity number, maintain an excel sheet that lists each box number. This will save time when you unbox.

No office move is ever easy; it requires a lot of effort, thought and money. However, with proper planning and a bit of foresight, you will be able to shift your office in a hassle-free manner.

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