Space Shortage: House Hacks To Fully Maximise Your Space

In land-scarce Singapore, you might find yourself having to live in a studio apartment sometime in your life. It may be a rented studio, or your own bachelor/bachelorette pad – but one thing’s for sure: a studio apartment is small. Living in a small space may feel suffocating if it is cluttered, or if it does not receive enough light. Thus, you need to make wise choices about the interior design of the home to make it feel larger than it is.

Here are some brilliant home design ideas to visually and literally maximise the space in your studio apartment.

Get Foldable Furniture

Ever wondered how people survive in ‘shoebox’ homes? They do so by maximising space through convertible furniture. Pieces of furniture that do not need to be used at the same time can be folded away to make living space. For example, beds that fold up against the wall are commonly seen contraptions, which create space for other activities like studying or cooking when the bed is stored away.

Wall Color

The walls of the room can determine how small or large the room feels. Lighter colours reflect light and make the space feel more airy, while darker tones tend to feel more suffocating in a small area. To brighten up the space, you can also consider going to a store that sells wallpaper in Singapore to look at their offerings. Simple geometric designs with long lines can help to visually elongate the room.

Hang Wall Mirrors

Following the principle of lighter coloured walls, mirrors also reflect light and help to make a space feel larger. Full-length wall mirrors are the best way to go about this. Or, you could play around with creative placement to obtain an artistic arrangement that complements your home décor.

Go for Creative Storage

When space is scarce, storage can become a huge issue. Other than living minimally, what you can do is to create smart storage spaces in your home. For example, use existing nooks and crannies like the space under your bed, behind your door, and at corners of the room. Floating shelves are also a great idea, as they make more storage space without taking up valuable floor area.

Furniture choice

You might be moving into a studio apartment from a larger home, and feel tempted to bring all your belongings with you. The truth is, this may not be a wise choice. The furniture you place in a small apartment should also be smaller, so as not to congest the space. In arranging your furniture, you also need to consider walking and working space – so don’t fill up every inch of the ground such that you have no way to get to your bathroom! Even considering customised furniture may be an excellent decision if you want your home to look unique and personalised. Consider getting customisation options for sofas or even custom made curtains to spruce up your home in an instant!


If you own the apartment, choose a flooring style that also helps to elevate the space. Woodgrain designs are appropriate for giving the small home an inviting warmth, and lighter colours make the space feel larger. Opt for large tiles, or place tiles diagonally across the room. These help to avoid busy grout lines and breaks up the monotony of the room. The good thing is, because the apartment is so small, you can go for the best luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore without feeling the pinch in your pocket.

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t have to feel stuffy and cramped. Use these ideas to turn your studio apartment into a breezy, welcoming home!

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