Tips For Planning Cost-Effective Funeral Arrangements

Funerals can cost more than what people expect. With many factors to consider for the funeral arrangement, including burial fees, transport, flowers and the wake, costs can gradually increase. This potentially places the bereaved family under financial pressure, giving added stress at an already trying time.

Knowing how much of a financial burden a funeral can be, we provide tips on how you can save money on funeral costs.

Know the funeral essentials

With comprehensive research and planning, you can bring your funeral costs down. Get to know the basic and essential funeral items offered by funeral directors such as caskets, embalming service and funeral hearse. For example, burial fees at the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery Complex costs between $315 – $940 for adults. This can be the first step to know how much you have to set aside and calculate in your expenditure.

Cut down on extras

Often, funeral homes offer many funeral packages for a comprehensive service. If there are goods and services you may not need, you can opt for an “ala carte” service instead for your funeral. This way, you save more money on items you are not interested in.

Another tip when shopping for funeral packages is to bring along another family member or friend who can be of assistance in making sound financial decisions. Dealing with death or planning for a funeral can be an emotional time, so share the responsibilities with others who you can trust and avoid emotional overspending.

Shop around

What you want to achieve is a proper and dignified funeral for your loved one. Funeral expenses in Singapore can range anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 or even more. For starters, the price will vary with the funeral directors and the type of funeral you want. The funeral costs are also likely to vary if it’s a Christian funeral compared to a Buddhist funeral for example, due to different requirements.

Therefore, it is essential to shop around and compare different funeral directors. If you have personalized wishes and preferences, it is also a good time to find out how much the cost differs by different funeral homes and get the best value for your money.

Shop in advance

Death is certain and the best way to save money is to plan for it in advance. If you leave everything to the last minute, you might not get sufficient time to explore your options in making funeral arrangements. By planning ahead and knowing the funeral arrangements you want, it allows you to take full control of the funeral and the expenses you will incur.

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