What Age Should Your Child Start On Piano Lessons

A child who is 8 years old may not be able to play piano with that interest that 5 years old can do. So, it is never too late to learn a piano. But it is true that an older child might find it more difficult as they would have to manage finger stiffness. But with practice and passion, they can overcome this problem. In addition, kids who are at school or grown up might have less time to practice. So, it is better to encourage them to start early with piano lessons for toddlers Singapore.

Look out for patterns

To figure out whether your child is ready to learn piano, certain pointers may help. Their hands should be large enough to get a hold on the five opposite white keys. They should be capable to read properly. And most importantly – they should show genuine interest in learning this instrument.

Buy a Piano

If your budget allows, you can buy a piano just at the beginning of piano lessons. Even better, you can wait for a year or longer to figure out if it’s really worth to buy them a piano.

Practice, Practice, Practice

When it comes to learn any musical instrument, practice is the key. As a parent, make sure your little musician practices a lot after attending classes. Be sure they get ample time and space at home in quiet without any interruption.

Keep their interest levels high

Put extra effort to boost up their level of interest. As a parent, you may encourage by saying something like, “Damn! You’re doing great.”

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