Numerous Benefits And Advantages Of Rented Business Offices

Gone are the days when long term leases were the only option when it came to obtaining office space in Singapore. Today, thanks to the proliferation of rented business offices across the city-state, one can conveniently get an office premise for the desired duration and easily walk away when the tenure is complete, without a long term commitment.

Against this backdrop, we will explore the advantages that come with these rented business offices.

Rent for as long (or as little!) as you want

With serviced offices in Singapore, there is really no need to get into any long term commitment, which is usually the norm with most typical office lease scenarios. In this instance, you can rent for exactly as long as you want, with hardly any minimum duration commitment, if at all.

This proves to be a huge advantage for a number of businesses that really do not need a long term office presence. Many businesses, for example, are seasonal in nature. Or they are driven by a particular project; once that is over, they do not have an office requirement in the first place. Across all these scenarios, business office rental proves to be the ideal solution.

These Rented Offices are Practically Plug and Play!

Another huge advantage that comes with taking up office space on rent in Singapore is the fact that they are virtually plug-and-play, in a sense, they are furnished and loaded with amenities. Therefore, even with the most basic of threadbare resources, you can easily walk into these offices and get to work.

For instance, they have all the furniture which is typically expected in an office setting. Alongside, connectivity is never an issue; high-speed Internet, phone lines, etc. are all available. Stationery and various machines required in an office are also on offer. Resources for food and catering are also available.

With so much on offer, there are green office spaces that are genuinely “plug and play” where you can practically just walk in and get to work!

Affordable Costs

When we look at the expenses associated with taking up an office space for lease, they are really not much. This is especially true in light of the aforementioned facts such as not having to get into any long term commitment or that all amenities are available. So for the relatively short duration for which such rented offices in Singapore are typically sought, they prove to be an amazingly cost-effective proposition.

Moving from One Location to Another

Many businesses require varying presence at different locations according to “action” in those locations; they do not need a constant presence at a single location. This is especially true for many project-specific assignments. For them, serviced office spaces prove to be just the right solution since, firstly, there are indeed many such locations all over Singapore. Secondly, there is nothing (such as a long-term lease) tying down these businesses to particular locations.


Business office rental in Singapore clearly proves to be an excellent alternative to long term leases, with so many different advantages as listed above.

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