What Are The Photobooths That Are Available

Photo booths have been in Singapore for a long time. The modern instant photo booth can have its roots traced back to the arcade photo booths that were all the rage in the 2000s. We have been using photo booths so often over the last 20 years that we may not even be aware of it. After all, so many pictures are taken everywhere nowadays. By definition, photo booths are booths that are able to take pictures of a subject on demand. These booths are sometimes fully automated and sometimes require a photographer to manage the booth. There are many types of such booths around. Here are three of the most prominent one: passport photo booths, sticker photo booths and instant photo booths.

Passport photo booths

The most functional type of photo booth is the passport photo booth. These booths are frequently found in MRT stations and bus interchanges. Step into one of these booths and you can take a few pictures of yourself that are passport-sized. The printed pictures are perfect for job interview applications, passport applications, IC card applications and the like. These booths were borne out of convenience, especially since there are few places that offer to take passport sized photos. With these booths, anybody can stop by and get a passport picture of themselves ready in minutes.

Sticker photo booths

The old faithful, sticker photo booths were popularised in the early 2000s as they were placed in arcades. Teenagers and would flock to these booths after school and pay a small amount to take a commemorative picture with their best friends. Their photos would then be emblazoned with cute Japanese graphics before they were printed out as stickers. This nifty inclusion made the photo booth very popular as a commemorative gift among friends – stickers can be easily put up on walls, on laptops and on wallets. Sticker photo booths were an innovation that made photo booths instantly popular, especially among the younger crowd.

Instant photo booths

Finally, instant photo booths are commonly seen at weddings, company dinner & dance parties and other celebratory occasions. These are booths that are able to take pictures and print them out within a minute. These photo booths use professional cameras and bright studio lights to ensure each picture comes out perfectly lit. The booths are usually rented out by a photo booth company, who will also staff the booth with a qualified and experienced photographer. These modern-day photo booths will certainly bring life to any party and are often considered a way to thank guests for their time and presence. At the end of it all, guests are able to bring home a printed photo of themselves with their friends. That will make all the difference between a good impression of an event and an excellent impression.


Photo booths have become a huge part of Singaporeans’ lives. It seems almost impossible that one would live here without encountering a photo booth. This is why it is important for all of us to learn the function of each type of photo booth and definitely have fun while using them. Besides photo booth, you can also consider engaging an event photography service.

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