Give Yourself A Runner’s High With These 5 Exercises

There are a plethora of approaches to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes, a changed dietary plan and opting for the best weight loss program in Singapore may not be enough. An exercise regime needs to supplement your existing approach to ensure you get the most from your weight loss journey.

To kick-start your weight loss, you need to make sure that your output is bigger than your input. Different exercise tackle different parts of your body and each bring their own set of benefits to the table. While you picture having an ideal body, here are five different types of exercises you may want to consider including in your plan.

1. Lace Up Buttercup

Running is the go-to exercise when one wants to lose weight and rightly so! Running, like many other aerobic exercises, is efficient in shedding a few pounds, especially in the belly area. Study shows that it not only trains your heart and lungs but increase muscle mass. Partaking in cardio exercises will decrease your belly fat, waist circumference and overall body fat. Whether it be on a treadmill or a natural trek, be proud of the sweat that drips down your face!

Steel your resolve with a weekly running plan and note the total distance you covered and your timing. It’s recommended to run or jog at least 3-4 times a week, and roughly 20-40 each time.

2. Mundane But It Works

If you’d prefer something less demanding, you may want to consider walking. As banal as it sounds, walking is also another form of aerobic exercise. You will reap the same benefits when you run, but expect results to trickle in a slow manner. Compared to running, burning the same amount of calories will take twice as long. Despite its slow nature, walking is actually better for your body than running. Low impact exercises, such as walking, place less stress on your joints and improve your joint health by working the surrounding muscles and tendons.

The Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB) encourages one to clock 10,000 steps a day but this might not be feasible if you’re busy with school or work. Instead, aim to take daily walks for 30 minutes. Opt to walk a short distance away instead of taking a bus. In fact, walking for 10 minutes a day results in a mental health boost, so don’t dismiss it as an unviable option.

3. The All-Rounder

You’re may not be the next Joseph Schooling but you can use him as inspiration! Swimming is an all-round exercise, using nearly all your muscles for a simple workout. Depending on the level of intensity, this aerobic exercise can either be an intense workout or otherwise. The amount of calories burned will depend on your weight and the swimming style. In a 1 hour session, you will burn between 300 and 500 calories swimming breaststroke while swimming crawl will burn 10 percent more.

Swim multiple laps in public swimming pools that are accessible in almost all neighbourhoods or sign up for weekly swimming lessons. Burn those calories while enjoying a mental solitude after a long week.

4. Get Your Big Guns

Strength training may seem counterproductive to be included in your weight loss journey, but it truly isn’t! Coming to such a conclusion is understandable when you realise your weight is not budging. It is worth to take note that you are burning fat when you’re lifting those weights. One study states that strength training reduced visceral fat in 78 people with metabolic issues. Thus, the small change may be due to the increase in muscle mass, with muscles being heavier than fats.

Strength training increases resting energy expenditure and reduces both body fat and belly fat, especially if paired with a cardio exercise. While it is great to have a gym membership, you don’t necessarily need one to do strength training. Get yourself a resistance band and it’ll do just fine! Always be mindful of your limits and take precautions, especially if you’re working with machines.

5. Take A Deep Breath

Yoga has taken a more commercialised approach and its appeal has started a cultural movement in the West in the past decade. Don’t be fooled by its zen nature. Yoga not only gives you an avenue to meditate, but it also helps you to burn calories. Its calorie burn rate is significantly lower compared to other exercises but it offers diverse effects that will aid in your weight loss journey. For instance, one who practices yoga will experience an increase in their sleep quality. Quality sleep reduces the production of hunger hormones and thus, lessen your appetite.

You may want to sign up for a class and or do it in the comfort of your home and take instructions from a Youtube video. Lose weight faster when you add yoga among your other aerobic exercise. Clock in 20 minutes worth, 3 times a week and start living healthier!

Weight loss journey is never breezy. There are times when you feel good in your body, and there will be times when you break down at your lack of results. If nothing works, you may want to consider receiving treatments to lose weight. For instance, TCM Slimming is an effective weight loss treatment that not only improve your physical appearance, but it also does wonders to your health. The takeaway from this journey should be an improved health status – physical, mental and emotional.

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